The interactions between Kashaf and Zaroon at various juncture of the episode was a visual treat as always. This is just not happening. She should not told about their personal matters to Sir Abrar.. I was expecting Zaroon to start another fight over the loan issue but that did not happen — another thing to be thankful for. On the swing, under the moonlight, when Kashaf brings up the topic of how many girlfriends he had, he laughs basking in her jealousy and assures her that she is the one sitting next to him as his wife not any one of those girlfriends. The lady with the blue eye shadow made me laugh out loud at her blatant lies in praising Rafia. In her last attempt to save the marriage Kashaf called Zaroon but due to some misunderstanding he does not take her call, making her angry even more.

It is small moments like this that make the serial worth all the stupid stuff. Wish they both smiled at the wedding and took some nice pics.. But now I think that what ever the situation is you always fulfill your duties.. Yes, Hammad is a bad student and a loser, but then we all knew that. Kashaf did prove today that she really is too emotional and too insecure for her own good. Other than that, I am not even going to analyze the importance of that scene in the larger scheme of things. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! And it did by reaching a point till 9.

One day she over hears Zaroon saying that he reccap only trying to be friendly as a challenge and to trap Kashaf and tarnish her image, Kashaf starts hating him outright.

Lest it is taken in the wrong way! Rafia, Nigar and Hammad! Isnt she the one who talked about gulza ZGH dialogue and acting have been pretty top notch too, but the storyline loopholes, introduction of unnecessary plot points, lack of time frame, no just desserts delivered to Murtaza, and now what will have to be an abrupt closure to so many distinct story points, this show really failed to deliver the comprehensive package.

About US Submit a review. Her low self esteem makes her think Zaroon is too good for me. Zaroon ki waja sy ghussay mein chaleay ammi is hafty main aur zaroon aengy Sidra sy milny. And yes, enough yaar Kashaf, ab tau you are running out of time — how much is Z gonna beg you — enough already!!!

Zindagi gulzar hai Episode 13 Hum Tv Drama HD – Dailymotion Video

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bus loads of people have difficult lives. Neither of them has it as bad as they imagine. Pehly us bachy ko tou sambhal lun main jo nikah naamy k sath mila hai mjhy. Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting. Retrieved 9 April Yes, Hammad is hqi bad student and a loser, but then we all knew that. Zjndagi main sab miljaye to zindagi ka Matlab hi na rahe Khona aur Pana hi to Hume jina sikhate hai.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 22 Review: “Koi Rishta ek Ideal Rishta Nahi Hota” | Talk Soap

I was so looking forward to your review of this episode! Like i dont think that u can be so alien to one anothers thought when apparently u are having babies!! This episode proved to be very engaging and intense — I guess we all deserved it too! But still it has its own flavor. I mean, he wants Rafia to take in Hammad, there is an ulterior motive to all of this.

Zindagi gulzar hai Episode 13 Hum Tv Drama HD

epjsode Therefore, unlike his father, Zaroon constantly tries to control and monitor Kashaf which has started to bother her. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Wtheck was that even about. And the narration is awesome.

Ive been following this drama from the UK as my cousins in pakistan told me that it was like amazing episore yeah i did like the begining episodes but now its getting too much!! The last two episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai did not work for me, although there were bits that I enjoyed but they were not the kind of episodes that would make you look forward to more. I really felt for her at that point, obviously when you are married to someone like Murtaza such things do strike as odd!

I hope you are feeling well now. I absolutely sympathize with her fears. I hope that the entire issue is handled nicely and Zaroon finally realizes that in most cases the same rules apply to husband and wife both. If Kashaf can bond with Ghazala why cant her kids do the same? Its probably redap only thing that can salvage anything for me now. They require a lot epjsode nurturing, a lot of accommodation, a lot of communication, and most of all a lot of space—space, that allows relationships to take root, develop and ultimately flourish; space, which disappears, when well-meaning outsiders, even if they are close family, start interfering; space, which disappears when precious moments are not treasured and savored; space, which disappears when the other in the relationship is not trusted and valued as an equal partner.


Her scars are way too deep for anyone to see but I hope Zaroon eventually eases her restless soul and gives her the much needed assurance that he would stand by her through thick and thin.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Urdu: Its amazing how Kashaf takes it on her chin and says …this is one more problem I have to sort out. Nadia Jamil stood out once again as the quick to fly off the handle Shandana, and matching her every step of the way was Nauman Ejaz, superb as the equally hot-headed Haider —truly a couple episoee in TV heaven.

And zarqa i so agree with u too like their behaviour is so alien. Like kashaf just epixode let go. Why are men who are profuse when it comes to expressing one thing, completely shut off when it comes to others?

I dont know why he thinks not telling Kashaf would be ok at the same time I cannot understand how Kashaf overreacts like that. You are so right, I did see him epiaode those pics too…good for him!

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Its all so random. In the case of Kashaf and Zaroonboth of them are letting a trivial matter fester letting a non-issue escalate into bitterness.

Mujhe bahut khushi hui yeh jaan kar, ke sab khariyat hai! Kashaf realizes that she is really in love with Zaroon 32 yearns to go back to him and calls up Zaroon in night to tell him that they are having twin daughters. Thanks for your detailed comment and appreciate your sharing your point of view. Byt to tell you honestly like BSK said.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 24 – Calm Before The Storm

This was a great episode in terms of acting and the direction was excellent too. On the swing, under the moonlight, when Kashaf brings up the topic of how many girlfriends he had, he laughs basking in her jealousy and assures her that she is the one sitting next to him as his wife not any one of those girlfriends. Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan both were brilliant in that particular scene and the timing was perfect.

K replied that Z would never understand her.

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