Venus and Phroso visit, bringing Frieda, to whom Hans had been engaged before meeting Cleopatra. I find them endearing, frankly. Inner Heat – The Firstborn 9. Xaline – The Warriors 9. Whenever a fierce north wind sets my windowpanes rattling and snow engulfs the landscape like some bizarre fungus, I want nothing more than to curl up with a pot of tea and some spooky stories. Lady Dana – Ladies First All of it clad in the stardust of Paris.

Each radio-film pairing will have a theme. If I missed one of your favorite spooky OTR episodes, feel free to mention it in the comments. You can buy The Black Cat to stream on Amazon. Instead, he gives a full-throttle representation of evil, radiating malevolence, power, and fearlessness. Hans refuses to see them, but they force their way past his servant. The series served up a lot of mysteries and pulpy crime thrillers with spooky trimmings and plenty of gore, but generally avoided the supernatural often through annoying cop-out endings. The original version no longer exists.

Zippy 1Fichier Google Drive. Frequencerz – Bitch Look, I want you all to watch the many uncontroversially great films of classic Hollywood.

A cocky radio host spends the night in a notorious haunted house and takes his microphone with him. Xaline – The Warriors 9. And delight in toying with his victims by sending them all sorts of supernatural terrors as part of a death-day countdown. Titan – Hooked As a bus hurtles through a blizzard, passengers eye each other suspiciously.


Frequencerz – No Escape Even a few canonical characters surprisingly gave in to the lovefest. Zatox – Creation Coarsection Remix 8. From here on in, there be major spoilers, friends.

Krewella – Legacy Wildstylez Remix You can purchase Dragonwyck on Blu-ray from Amazon. Art, like love, is a legacy, a gift that awakens others.

T-Junction – The Greatest Army Headhunterz – Just Say My Name Without veering into spoiler territory, let me say that both the film and the radio episode add to their uncanny impact with recursive endings. Hey Ho Let’s Go: After trying to kill seal trainer Venus and her clown boyfriend Phroso for knowing about the plot, Hercules is chased by the freaks in a storm and not horrog again the film’s original ending had the freaks castrating him: Jeanette Nolan a sexy and terrifying Lady Macbeth on film for Orson Welles exudes wicked sensuality through her voice alone, seducing then drawing the life out of her prey.

Ran-D – I Need You One of the most prestigious and longest-running classic radio programs, Suspense specialized in—you guessed it—thrillers and potboilers, presenting a guest star each week. O are feeble to describe the heart-wrenching impact of this Japanese silent. Trick of Fate When discussing the nature of tragedy in PoeticsAristotle identified anagnorisis—a tragic revelation or recognition—as a potent plot device.

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A party of hunters lost in the deep woods encounter a malicious whirlwind of Native legend that drags humans along and steals their souls. Radical Redemption – Brutal 2. Stereotuners – Destroy You In a final scene MGM inserted later for a happier endingHans is living a millionaire’s life in a mansion.


The film recurrently places him in the animal realm: A long stretch of airtime filled by nothing but breathing and quiet footsteps never fails to spook the hell out of me. N-Vitral – Domination This section may need to horrr rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards.

Amnesys – Elevation Original Mix You can stream Nosferatu on Fandor.

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I merely appreciate that Hammer took the vampire concept in an unusual direction here. These are my personal choices. Titan – Born To Fight That said, her husband is Colin Clive, so he was never really too far from the edge. A cocky radio host decides treat his listeners to a broadcast from miind haunted house.

Headhunterz – Psychedelic Qlimax Edit 2. You can buy Mad Love to stream on YouTube.

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