Why do you get better results selecting 12 bit over 10 bit? Why do I need to select bit to get the best results, when the TV is bit and the files are processed as bit? This cant be normal? So I have a choice of the screen flashing black which is unwatchable or having heavy banding issues on some videos. I’m a new x9s owner, and I have no idea what combination of settings to use when viewing various file types p blu-ray, DVD, UHD remuxes and demo discs, etc. What I’ve found It appears that no matter what bitrate or color space the original file is in Can you all explain to me what setting is best to use for viewing bluray?

Desktop and games seem to be fine with same problems in PDVD17 with movies. A video signal is split into two different aspects: If you buy a DVD in a different country than the player is from, you sometimes will have a problem where player will not recognize the DVD from a different region of the world. That’s the choice I need to make right now with my configuration. Then, go to your picture settings and change the picture mode to “graphics”. I posted some info on what I’ve been experiencing with banding in the current 2. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Soccer and other sports with panning shots seem to be no problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Curved vs Flat Resolution: So I am still not sure what hcbcr422 is best for HDR with the way MS have implemented it, but what I can say is that the implementation is still backwards. Now, its importance with smaller text is undeniable, but what about movies?

It makes cable issues and drop outs more likely due to the increased data. Enter your screen size and some content will have automatically adjust the 3D depth.


Also – the Lut Box is a p device, so the Zidoos output in my case was p. Then again, it sounds like maybe it will send something else out even if you select a ycgcr422 setting. It would help to define the source’s color bitrate is it a 10bit source? If not, you will have to wait till Fall for the next “big” Windows Update. Originally Posted by rotarydude.

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If I manually set the color space to or and 10bit, the picture suffers from color banding as in the images I posted earlier. You would be better to force limited. I made a ProShowGold photo essay from 3: This should cover the common settings in a Blu-ray player menu system, and how they impact a picture as well as the ideal settings.

It would be tough to recognize the difference between a full 4: KelvinSNov 18, Is this a legitimate copy from the studio or authorized distributor?

Modes like Movie, Drama, Sports and so on lead to incorrect images from your player, and those adjustments should be made in the TV instead. View all TV recommendations.

Preferred tv store Auto Amazon. Guess ill give xbox one x a try. Thanks for getting back with me guys TrollslayerNov 18, The benefits of having full color in video are debatable, especially at 4k. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It never seems to shake this effect. I hope no hardware issues?

Can someone explain bd-player colorspace (4:2:2, 4;4:4 etc) ?

Pick the input you would like to enable the feature on then edit the icon. HE-MAN 22 is offline. If you buy a DVD in a different country than the player is from, you sometimes will have a problem where player will not recognize the DVD from a different region of the world.


So basically the implementation means that you now have to manually go in and “flick” the HDR switch on or off depending on the content you plan to display. Also I find the product manager titles of different manufacturers in their Tailand branche – very inspiring The higher the resolution and pixel density of future displays, the less apparent subsampling artifacts become.

Can someone explain bd-player colorspace 4: The brightness and color is so vivid and relaistic it becomes amateur-actor work. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Similarly, are you trying to play a DVD from a different region than the Blu-ray Player was purchased in? I hope my english is OK. Andy Sorry, make that an S Sony player not A …. Also the eecolor 3D Lut Box always outputs a 10 bit signal, and the resulting images on the TV still show banding in one case, and no banding in the other – so the Zidoo is the culprit.

I just now read the “color banding” part. Just open up our test pattern in windows paint using a PC, then observe it and check if any of the lines and text are blurred together. If its 8 bit the results are just strange would point at a signal handling issue, maybe on Zidoos part. Log in or Sign up.

Many times you can only access this with the options pop-up while watching a film, and not in the normal setup menus.

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