She then realizes what Miki told her and now she’d just doomed her friends to suffer the same fate if they tell anyone as well. Post as a guest Name. Two days later, Kenta returns and calls out to Machiko letting her know he’s back. When Sae’s mother and grandmother look in the yard, they find her gone. They arrive at three trees tied together with Shimenawa rope and are told by the village elder to toss the items into the swamp. While teaching, she notices the same boy is sitting in the back of the class drawing. A workaholic man rides the train home after a day spent working.

The door opens and a woman with pale skin, black hair and dark eyes enters the room. For instance, the third episode, “Family Rule”, does explain the situation the adults are offering their own laughter to please an evil spirit , but other stories don’t explain what’s going on for instance, the photocopier episode – there’s just this ghost haunting a photocopier, but we don’t know why, or what for, etc. You are commenting using your WordPress. Outside the operating room, the old man from earlier hears the noise coming from the other side of the door. On the way to the village, the husband explains about a “swamp offering”, a custom the villagers have held for generations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The next day, the passing businessman stops by the machine

Yami Shibai (Anime) – TV Tropes

The detective watches in horror as the mantis devours the man. He becomes engrossed in reading it, until he finds himself at an unfamiliar stop. After concluding that it was just the wind, Ken prepares to leave the room As Toshiharu terrifyingly backs away, the main door to the garden outside slides open and the group watches in horror as a figure approaches from the shadows and lunges at shiba.

A discussionn boy, Masayuki’s, parents takes him to his grandparents’ house during the winter break. A rumbling in the ground. At first he’s relieved, but then relief turns to horror when the driver runs over a blonde-haired woman in a red dress, killing her instantly. There’s not always a direct reason. In my country Thailandthere’re also many ghost stories like this, where the ghosts of people who died in a curtain place get stuck in that place and they have to lure people to death to replace them so that they can reincarnate.


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Along they way, the man spies a “Museum of Taxidermy” and decides that they should take shelter there. If you think your post is stuck in the spam filter, send the mods a message with a link to the comment page of your submission. It grew to the sjibai that the girl committed suicide.

When he goes to hide in a closet, he jumps back in surprise, finding a straw doll wearing a red and white shirt; the same shirt the boy at the window was wearing. The phone rings again and he answers it, thinking it’s his aunt again. Post Meta concerns in the monthly meta threads. He asks if she wants him to die as well. She hears the whisper again, “Give it back”. In the office bathroom, a young woman named Mari inspects her long, beautiful hair in the mirror while her friends praise her.

Do the Yami Shibai horror stories have any background/reference? – Anime & Manga Stack Exchange

Some time later, a driver is going through the tunnel when he stops, thinking he hit something. A few days later, his workplace complaints intensify in his diary. The first sign of things going wrong was when the train horn was used as a jump scare. Reiko disappears as the clock strikes One of the girls, Yumi, points out that the empress doll is missing, probably the result of someone stealing it.

He dscussion his boyhood voice and he remembers that as a child, he would record his daily life on cassette tapes. A young man notices a bathhouse he’d never seen before along his walk home from work and decides to take a bath. Confused, Episoe and her mother come across an old woman wearing a veil. The husband stirs, and when the wife turns to face him, his skin turns ghastly pale and he wails in a distorted infant cry that echoes through the valley.


The nurse asks if he’s lost and escorts him to the bathroom, telling him, “Please don’t go near that room. At the Yms-mart, he stops to read a newspaper before deciding it’s getting late.

Though they try to enter through a window, they find it locked. The mirror cracks as her reflection emerges with a pair of scissors.

Yukari is the one who’s “it” and proceeds to count while Miho and Takeshi take off to hide.

He tells her he’s fine, and he hangs up but not before she tries to tell him about something else Ryousuke’s mother, much to his father’s shock, who demands to know who let her in. He finally finds what discuesion like his bus and gets on, only to realize the passengers’ expressions look gloomy and are looking downward.

The worker doesn’t even acknowledge his presence, he just keeps looking down and keeps repeating over and over, “It’s only dark at first. I don’t think that’s it. It was chilling again. A few months later, another baby boy is born with a face that resembles that of the ghostly figure Ignoring the foul odor, he looks down from the top of the tank and peers into the water so close he could see his reflection.

This makes him recall what the girls said, but he shrugs it off and decides to go to bed early. Another train passes by and she sees, through the gaps of the fingers, in the reflection of the train’s windows, that the discjssion girl is the one covering her eyes.

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