One of the first possible upgrades may be a timney trigger. It’s a shooter and he doesn’t have the RC! We expected to do a bit better than this with match ammo, even though we did not have a machine rest to lock it into. I have one in WBY with a target group that measures. Your email address will not be published. We apologize for any delays this may cause. Bought it for and it was a great gun.

That is about all I can say. Monday through Friday 8: I bought the Stainless version IN. Thanks for the welcome V8r. MDT Written inquires can be mailed to: Jan 19, 2. I’m not sure how you can’t like a Vanguard safety if you like a Remington, Savage or some of the others.

By Melvin Ewing October 22, For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. The price is as low, and perhaps lower, than the Savage 10FP LE rifles, though the accuracy is not quite as good, the stock is seried, and I like the traditional adjustable trigger better than the accu-trigger found on the Savage rifles.

Injection-molded monte carlo style seris stock Metal Finish: Well I ordered one in tonite. Jan 19, 2. MDT Written inquires can be mailed to: But before we get to the performance, let us talk a little about the rifle itself.

Hi new to the forum, just signed up. Nothing against the usual suspects, just found the weatherby and it interested me. Jan 19, 3. Sep 17, 6 0 0 Texas. I thought I read somewhere that this model has been out since Vanguards generally have very smooth actions and are quite accurate.


weatherby vanguard series 2 range certified | Long Range Hunting Forum

The trigger is fully adjustable, but they say the sear engagement must be set by a Weatherby service facility. The few reviews I was able to find on the RC Varmint just said you could buy the stock and add it on later for cheaper but then I have a less capable stock that would be hard to sell sitting around the house so I just went with the full package straight out of the box.

I hunt in Texas and will have a which will be very capable of killing anything I hunt. Jan 19, 4.

Wetherby Vanguard Series 2 RC Varmint | Sniper’s Hide Forum

The stock is a synthetic stock and has a nice Monte Carlo cheek piece to get your eye in line with the scope fairly easily. The carbon stock apart from surface scratches was fine and it is my go to rifle for some fun on novelty targets. My Cart 0 You have no items in your shopping cart. The only drawback that I have heard is weatherb resell is not as good as the better known weattherby. Every now and then you will see some weatherby products on here Our showroom is now closed in preparation for our move to Sheridan, WY.


The Weatherby Vanguard, Range Certified model hit all of my criteria. The trigger came from the factory breaking at about 4. Jan 20, 9. The triggers are easily tweaked, though that is not a problem on the S2.

If I was a weatherbj man, I would bet you will be grinning from ear to ear. Forums New posts Search forums.

Vanguard® RC

Sep 24, 2 vaguard 0. I have always been a fan of weatherby but I can not stand their safeties and their creeeepppy triggers. The hinged floorplate is nothing fancy and gets the job done. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Wetherby Vanguard Series 2 RC Varmint

Long story just now getting time to actually shoot it. Glad to see another Texan on here.

It has a nice spider webbed non slip finish with a fairly angled pistol grip. I own an earlier model in 7mm Vanguard S2 RC from As others have pointed out I think the rc or submoa are pointless just a reason to hike the price.

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