Marie Academy in hopes of following her grandmother’s footsteps. What anime character are you in the parallel universe? The theme for the finals is “Dream” and each team has a day to come up something before making the actual piece on the 2nd day. Beastars, a popular manga by Itagaki Paru which won the Manga Taisho award, will be getting a TV anime adaptation! Ichigo scolded them for being split up when they are opening a shop together. Berusaiyu Kyuuden ” Japanese:

The judges have announced the theme for the next match, which is “food wagon,” but Team Ichigo’s oven breaks down leaving them in a big pinch. She ends up winning due to a few factors, and finds out that Mari Tennouji also has a Sweets Spirit named Honey. Yumeiro Patissiere 15 Amano Ichigo 5 years ago. The third place competition theme has been announced that it is “bonds. Hanabusa and Andou help them to set up their shop and create some new sweets. Yumeiro Patissiere 18 Amano Ichigo 5 years ago. Views Read Edit View history. The CD single for the two was released by the Columbia Music Entertainment on January 20, in a regular and limited edition.

After a conversation with Natsume, Ichigo decides to train herself in the basics as she lacks experience with them. When she trips down the stairs, the dorm mistress gives her Team Ichigo’s sweets spirits decide to bake sweets to cheer up their partners. When she trips down the stairs, the dorm mistress gives her some baumkuchen she made as Ichigo skipped breakfast.


Epispde she goes to the meeting place, she finds that Johnny, Kashino, and Lemon all got the same letter. Berusaiyu Kyuuden ” Japanese: The theme for the first round of the main tournament of the Cake Grand Prix is “elegance” and Team Ichigo is up against Team Tachibana, a group of girls known as the “Country Girls” for only using organic and non-artificial ingredients.


He then gets frustrated and runs away, but Ichigo follows him. Even worse, Hayami is currently planning to transfer out of St.

Ichigo notices that all the doctors are named Kashino at the hospital and the group finds out that Kashino’s family owns the hospital. This plotline is also speculated to cap off the upcoming season similar to how the anime use the Farm Battle to conclude the previous finale. The episodes from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere are based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Natsumi Matsumoto. The rematch for Team Ichigo and Lemon’s quarterfinal yukeiro is scheduled and the theme of “friendship” is chosen, but Andoh ran away.

While touring around Paris, Ichigo gets lost on the subway and meets Ricardo, an international student from Italy and also a representative of the team from the main branch.

Yumeiro Patissiere 20 english sub HQ part 1/2

They episoode and come up with a sakura salt flavor. At the same time, Caramel is having trouble writing a report to the Sweets Kingdom. Caramel also gives out her advice to Andoh that he has to rely on other people more. However, Hayami and the rest of Group F continually slack off in class and she, however, seemingly doesn’t care about sweets.

Hanabusa thought that they should change the concept of the store and Ichigo and her friends ask Mari to take a day-off. Ichigo makes a dessert, containing both spinach and carrot which neither Ichita nor Ameli enjoyed it.

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 06 vostfr 2 Funny pub channel 3 years ago. They both confess, saying they both won’t say it now, but later when they progress during Professional. Marron comes from the Sweets Kingdom to find a partner. Team Ichigo won and advances to the finals because Team Koshiro only used ingredients from Chateau Seika while Team Ichigo used ingredients from their tour around Europe.


Team Ichigo and Team Koshiro go against each other in the Semi-Finals and Team Ichigo is confident because the battle is based on chocolate.

Each team has to choose one representative. Group B stole the cake Ichigo designed in order to embarrass her because she is with the Sweets Princes. When Marron almost leaves to Paris from the cooking room oven, Miya barges in all of a sudden.

Top 5 Anime Openings. Densetsu no Sweets Spirits Track: Hanabusa decides to abandon his rose water pound cake, and angrily throws the bottle into a pond. They pass easily through the Powder Desert and the Milky Lake, but when they reach the Baum Forest, they find themselves in a mystery. Fpisode goes back to her grandmother’s garden and finds the special patch of soil her grandmother uses.

Yumeiro Patissiere episode 21 english sub part 1/2 – video dailymotion

Before Ichigo and company can start to work, Johnny’s Sweets Spirit Maize freaks out on watfh because of etiquette. Top Ten Anime 20 days ago Views. While Ichigo is thinking up what to put in her Petite Gateaux, she runs into Tennouji.

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