When Sonya asks if that is going to be a regular occurrence, Toadie indicates Sonya is hardly ever at home either, with meetings every second night. She asks the caller how they got her number and worriedly warns them not to call again. Imogen declines as she can’t abandon her cooking now. Making food for Mark is just what neighbours do, there’s nothing else to it. Chris apologises for everything, he was trying to get to know him but wasn’t being honest with what was going on in his own life. Will reassures Chris that the procedure is painless and straightforward. Georgia is looking after Nell when Sonya comes in from the bedroom having dressed up ready to go out. Kyle Canning credit only James Mason

Edit Storyline Chris is operated for his foot injury complication, which is quickly relieved. Charles’s marriage was already falling apart. Watch Home and Away Spoilers. Sonya jokes she shouldn’t bring any more clients in otherwise she’ll never see her husband. Sonya tells Georgia that Patricia is a mess and she’s the only person that she trusts to help her. She asks him to leave, so he does. Imogen is busy in the kitchen when Amber arrives. Chris tells her he told him about Hudson, and he’s cool, he didn’t judge.

Lou Carpenter credit only Stefan Dennis Georgia Brooks James Harvy He invites Naomi to dinner as they’ll hit him with the cancellation fee if he doesn’t go.

Number 22 Imogen is using the blender, while simultaneously stirring a pan, making a risotto. Imogen doesn’t hear her at first, but then frustratedly asks Amber if she knew that risotto had to be stirred the whole time that it is cooking. Amber says it’s good that he knows what he doesn’t want to do when he finishes school. Toadie receives a message from the restaurant asking for card details and he admits to Naomi that there neighvours no point being so busy if he can’t share it with his wife and have some one on one time with neughbours.


As the two continue to talk, Georgia walks past and looks on worriedly through the window. Videos Home and Away Soap Operas. Naomi says she has some contacts neighbourss suggests they catch up later. Home and Away Later Georgia finishes fixing Chris’s bedsheets. Toadie becomes disappointed, telling Sonya that tonight was supposed to be special but that he 68867. Sheila neithbours what happened to Chris and says that Patricia, Chris’ mother, is extremely stressed by it all.

Naomi sarcastically replies that, as Paul is single, it must be a tick in Sheila’s book. Georgia thinks he neibhbours stay with Hudson out of guilt either. Paul tells Naomi he would be interested before leaving and Sheila takes a seat at the table. Bateman came up with the concept of the show during a trip to Kangaroo Point, New South Wales, where he noticed locals were complaining about the construction of a foster home and against the idea of foster children from the city living in the area.

Come on Amber, you know it’s different.

Home and Away 6867 Episode 25th April 2018

Hudson tried to warn him about the distance and resenting each other, it’s all starting to come true. Sonya says she’ll give Patricia a call and check in. Warch tells him to be honest with Hudson, even if it does mean calling enighbours off.

She tells him that she killed it at the shoot today and it felt great. Toadie arrives, carrying a bunch of flowers for Sonya. Will understands why he would keep something like that to himself, Chris apologises for messing him around.

Sheila, who has just arrived watches Paul go, then 6876 Naomi that if she plays games with Paul then she won’t win. Paul nor Naomi lets Sheile discourage them to get closer over art dealings. Are you so desperate for financial security that you would even go after Paul Robinson?


Toadie grabs a file and goes to head off; Sonya is frustrated that Toadie can’t stay for lunch and hat he left early that morning. Paul wanders over and sees Naomi looking at a webpage on Australian Art.

Neighbours: | W H U M P | Pinterest | Pale lips and Gritted teeth

Well it would make neighbors nice change for you at least. Mason Turner credit only Saskia Hampele Home and Away Episode 24th April Number 32 Josh comes in and sits down on the sofa. Georgia tells him to keep still and rings for an ambulance, explaining she thinks there may have been a complication with the surgery. Naomi walks out leaving Sheila looking worried, admitting she is not after anyone else in the area either.


He doesn’t have many options. He suggests she think about it, whilst he goes back into the office to make a few calls.

Sheila walks in and sits down with Naomi, as Paul leaves. She asks if she told him to get rid of a difficult swimming condition, would he? Toadie says she’s doing great and thanks Sheila for sending her his way. Sonya tells Georgia that Patricia is a mess and she’s the only person that she trusts to help her.

Amber tells him she wants to take the job with Rick. And that’s supposed to be a shocking revelation? Georgia says there may have been a complication with the surgery, as she phones for an ambulance.

A little later, Georgia finishes looking after Chris and goes to leave saying that she will see him the following day.

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