Just then, the authorities arrive and Matajuro dies by dismemberment. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Help improve our database by adding background information here. In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Just then, Kinzo emerges from the cave as a furry beast who is then impaled and beheaded by the men that Mataichi rallied. The tale provokes a strong reaction from Enkai, and together Mataichi, Ogin, and Nagamimi who was Tokuemon in disguise stoke Enkai’s emotions provoking a breakdown. She convinces Matajuro that she will meet him somewhere else.

He forces Oyoshi to admit that she has been caring for and speaking with Otama’s corpse. The three beings are recurring characters in the show who function as a team that punishes sinners, most frequently murderers. When Shimaso refuses to give it to Matashiro and Kijirou, they kill his granddaughter Otami as Shimaso is killed by Tagamimi. The Mightiest Disciple — Pururun! When he asks Tsutaya if he heard any ghostly rumors lately, he tells Momosuke that there are two with one of them being the sea ghosts of Sanuki. Oct 04, to Dec 27, Status:

He is told by Sajiro Ogata and Fushimiya that it first happened when the nobleman Genba Sasayama lost his wife to the spirit that lurks there. But as he journeys with Ukon to the man’s homeland expecting the Ongyou to be there, Momosuke learns a horrific revelation.

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While traveling on business he is caught in a rain storm and seeks shelter at a local inn on the advice of a spiritualist named Mataichi. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Ukon reveals how he served under a feudal lord named Danjo Kitabayashi until an unspeakable evil plagued his land when death spirits have been appearing there. Captured in Her Eyes Case Closed: Momosuke finishes his tale in memory of the Tanuki as Mataichi commits Tanuki’s soul to the next world.

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Add to My List. Private Eye in the Distant Sea Lupin the 3rd vs. The series ends with Momosuke working back in his book store, and remembering his past with the ongyou claiming that he sometimes feels like they are still there watching him. Meanwhile, Mataichi approaches some men working for “Giamon” telling them that there is a way to kill a Kowai so that it stay’s dead for good.


Kyogoku Tei tries to destroy to Ongyou only to end up accidentally destroying the Hermits. Edit Storyline Per Wikipedia: Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Momosuke says it to be a flying squirrel spirit known as a Nobusuma and a badger spirit known as a Nodeppou. Afterwards, Mataichi sends Shimaso’s spirit dwelling within the Nodeppou to rest.

Mataichi figures out that Kyogoku Tei was behind this and the Ongyou take their leave from Momosuke.

Momosuke encounters the man who he thought drowned helping him get to Twin Island, a ronin named Ukon Shinomore. Momosuke hears the legend of the Katabira Crossroads where some women have died there.

It then turns out that the culprit is the Head of Public Housing named Kinzo Sasamori who has been masquerading as Giamon of Inarizika.

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Ntsuhiko Fourteenth Target Case Closed: On the verge of death, Momosuke is given horse meat to help regain his strength. Chojiro betrayed the Mishima Night Riders after marrying into the wealthy family they were supposed to rob.

Non anime related “Anime Rant” videos will be removed since we have no way of confirm whether it’s for self-promoting or no. He tells how the spirit of a boy named Yasuke haunts the inn as an Azukiarai. The Ongyo tells antsuhiko present that the real Osan has been living in a nearby village with Master Tokujiro in Edo with amnesia. Click to load comments. When he asks Tsutaya if he heard any ghostly rumors lately, he tells Momosuke that there are two with one of them being the sea ghosts of Sanuki.

The Fist of Blue Sapphire When confronted by Momosuke and Oyoshi at Tomoei Point, Matajuro states that he killed Oyoshi’s mother upon her request. Fill the linked form if you: The Movie Detective Conan: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Mataichi then commits Hyakkimaru’s spirit to the next world. Matajuro comes to take Oyoshi away and Oyoshi has a flashback of Matajuro performing cunnilingus while Otama witnessed.

He ends up attacking Ogin who dodges the attacks. Shukumei no Taiketsu Panda! When the Foreign Beast tries to attack a girl as a sacrifice, Nagamimi takes control of it and the Foreign Beast kills Tatsuta’s female accomplice.

In this thread, you’ll find a comprehensive list of anime and manga licensed in the fourth quarter Oct-Dec of natshhiko Momosuke leads Kinzo to the entrance to the underground spring flowing from naatsuhiko Shrine of Inarizika in order to bathe in it.

While researching these old myths and legends, he comes across a mysterious trio who call themselves the Ongyou. Pilot Film Kyojin no Hoshi: While washing the mole on his head with the water, he has an encounter with Ogin whom he recognizes as the girl he killed. While running from them, he falls off a cliff and impales himself on a tree.

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The fisherman tell Momosuke that the sea ghosts have been appearing near Kabuto Island instead of Twin Island as one of the fisherman tells him that one of the islands that make up Twin Island just vanished. Yasaku suffers a slow and agonizing death offscreen at the hands of the Ongyo before his soul committed to the next world.

Enkai confesses to murdering the apprentice boy several years earlier in a fit of rage because Tokuemon intended to make the boy his heir rather than himself. Before monogatadi Ongyou disappears, Mataichi warns Momosuke to keep his distance from them.

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