The reply pushes Murong Un into a fury as he motions to attack. I wanted to achieve the dream of my people from the start. AAArgh it stops playing at Although hesitant at first, the people push for it and Damdeok gives in. The whole unit then charges up the slope taking in multiple air attacks. How many times must you lose before you give up? We love to watch it. Youzheng rapidly denies the thought and offers the excuse that Beiwei simply feared his country getting too powerful.

Later that night, Marshi leads a small scout unit via a secret passageway in order to rescue captured soldiers. Not only that, the enemy has left 10, Beiwei soldiers to guard Liujucheng while the Beiwei Houyan allied forces come straight to the capital. This was one among the other that have interested me. Thank you for your dedication and endurance. King Gwanggaeto represents what a human can accomplish when there is love. They did not show them in the scenes towards the end. A king has to dream the dreams of the people. You were his closest friend.

You got us through to the end.

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Sutiben learn so much from this drama. You betrayed me several times and tried to kill me. You gwanggadto have JavaScript enabled to use this form. All the best take care. No more holding back.

Rams hit the gates.

King Gwanggaeto eps 92: Last episode

Ladders hit the fortress all over as soldiers attempt climbing the walls. Also, Sutiben so wanted to see Ko Un… he was so passionate. Damdeok wants to embrace people, not make enemies. Wow man congratulations, I have been following you since Like episode 10 from youtube. But moments later, Marshi rides in in a hurry, panic drawn on his face as he breaks the news: Immediately, Murong Un calls for a retreat. Anonymous May 21, at 7: Dae Joyoung is an another great drama to watch!!!!.



This drama has it all –family relationships, sacrifice, love, war, hope, action In that process, I lost a friend like you, but I gave hope to my people. Dsd May 22, at 6: In deep thought, he searches for an argument.

Having covered a large distance, the allied army sets up camp. Knowing this is their last chance, the Houyan emperor leads the assault in a rage killing anyone within arms reach. Had a better war strategy? At once, the Beiwei-Houyan army advance towards the capital. The captured Fengba stares back with a confused look.

Very good drama this is The whole unit then gwamggaeto up the slope taking in multiple air attacks. Goguryeo must surprise the Houyan-Beiwei army and remove all chances to resist further. Yet, taking back the base is the only thing they can do.

The heavens took your side. George June 22, at 5: Something that decided who won and who lost. The reply pushes Murong Un into a fury as he motions to attack.


No like leaving open loops.

Anonymous May 27, at 1: Anonymous May 21, at 9: To his right, Seol Ji and Yeo Seokgae escort the remaining enemy generals. Sutiben still working on draft for series synopsis. Really enjoyed tthe, all thanks to you, regards from Mexico.

There is no need for anyone to stay here. Chongmyeong later returns with spots that the special forces can use. Anonymous May 25, at 4: Is it because Gwanggaeto is superior? Perfect for a duel that all started from a misunderstanding. Anonymous May 21, at 8: From far, the allied leaders watch nervously hoping for the base to fall anytime soon. Anonymous May 21, at Skip to main content.

The second highlight of the episode! Wow, it’s finally over. Piinmann May 25, at 7: Murong Un senses te time is up. Sometimes the tactics revolved around courting and relationships.

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With fear in his voice, the general points back 1. But you forgot all that.

Thank you ronald for downloading this drama. Posted by Dsd at 5:

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