Peter Groeger as Opa von Hiroyuki. Yuka Koyama as Souichirou Arima young. Hisayoshi Izaki as Policeman ep Views Features Reviews Columns. Amazon Mixx Up Dec 3, Angel de Gracia Spain dub. Kenichi Suzumura as Cousin B ep While Yukino is getting stood up by Arima, she bumps into Asaba who apologizes to her.

Rondo of Princesses Toradora! Hideaki Anno Hiroki Sato [2]. He then tells her that he might even like her. Arima recalls how his life was before he met Miyazawa and how it changed after that. The next morning he confesses to her, but she refuses and regrets. The series was directed by Hideaki Anno. Peter Groeger as Opa von Hiroyuki.

Game’s Opening Movie Streamed Giuseppe Nelva Valerio Manenti.

Before she can figure out if she hates or likes Soichiro, he visits her home and discovers her being herself. Chinese Taiwan cast none. G Aug 12, Barbara De Bortoli as Miyako Miyazawa.

The next morning he confesses to her, but she refuses and regrets. Miki Watanabe Special Effects: Jordi Pineda Spain dub.

Micheline Tziamalis as Hiromi Ikeda. That evening, Tsubasa’s father and his fiancee arrive and explain the situation from his point of view. Lisa Ortiz as Female Student ep 8.


Yukino realizes Arima is the only real friend she’s ever had. Joe Digiorgi Quality Control: Tired of being used, Yukino revolts and Soichiro apologizes, and admits he still loves her and just wanted to spend time with her.

Kazuhiro Takamura as Face Appearance ep The series was directed by Hideaki Anno.

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Jijoou level of closeness causes Arima to have a nightmare about his past. The Roots of Gurren Lagann Sep 7, Answerman – Tech Specs Aug 16, At first Yukino accepts it, coming to realize that he is also not the perfect student he pretends to be. Little Lion Aknojo, Inc. Yukino Miyazawa is a Japanese high school first-year student who is the envy of classmates for her good grades and immaculate appearance.

The teachers call Arima and Miyazwa’s parents. The first, His and Her Circumstances: Jon Maylas as Souichirou Arima. Natsuko Kuwatani as female student. She is jealous that Miyazawa has Arima’s heart. Yukino Miyazawa is the most popular girl in school, but in real life she is a spoiled, lazy, stubborn, and unmanageable.


Funimation for Funimation Channel. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss?

His and Her Circumstances (TV)

Giuliana Jakobeit as Maho Izawa. That Sunday, Arima comes over to loan her a CD, and kanojl accidentally shows him her true self. Headline Sound Studios Subtitles: Harumi Murakami as Old lady ep 20 Teacher ep 1.

His and Her Circumstances”. Tosawi Piovani as Tsubasa. In the end, the parents tell the teachers that they have no reason to tell Arima and Miyazawa to break up and trust their decision as they have always been responsible.

Gloria Garcia as Miyako Miyazawa Spain dub. Tsubasa and Miyazawa have a confrontation after Tsubasa rips up a picture in Arima’s wallet. Complete Guest of Honor List Jun 23, Crispin Freeman Subtitle Concept:

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