Secret Guide to Fabulous. A look back at Olivia’s outrageous Jersey journey. Anthony’s dream is becoming a reality when he begins the photo shoot for his upcoming book on the th anniversary of Jersey’s fashion and beauty. Olivia preps for an on-camera gig while Gigi’s mom sets her up on a blind date. Alexa calls on Olivia for a favor, while Anthony hosts a special guys night. Just as they start getting used to thinking of each other as friends, Gigi invites Frankie over to fix her garbage disposal.

Meanwhile, Olivia rekindles her relationship with her ex, Mikey, while Gigi adjusts to singlehood. To distract Gigi from her break with Frankie, the girls go on a getaway to Atlantic City. Gatsby To Go offers minute makeovers for nurses at a hospital. The high-end salon has recently undergone a complete makeover of its own and is now as state-of-the-art as it can be. These are the Jerseylicious Greatest “Hits”. Gayle, Anthony and Alexa push to get featured in Modern Salon magazine; Tracy and Corey face unexpected hurdles; Filly chases his dream of becoming an underwear model.

What a Tease Episode 9. Stylist Anthony, who owns his own salon but works at the Gatsby while it’s being revamped, is unfazed by the female drama surrounding him there. Love, Lust or Run. Meanwhile, Olivia wants to become a style expert and TV host. When her mom questions her single lady status, Gigi realizes that she still has feelings for Frankie and sets up a date with the jerseeylicious who knows him best–his mom! The staff must style a model for a mock photo shoot as the final test for the cover of “New Jersey: Gigi moves on emotionally and physically.

Jerseylicious, Season 3

She’s also racked with guilt about kicking Tracy in the head, but she’s still apprehensive about coming out with the truth. Will it be love at first sight or a disaster in the making?

Olivia and Nick are getting along great and she really likes him, but when everyone begins questioning their relationship status, Olivia becomes overwhelmed with anxiety. In this first hour, the cast spill on their Jersey pride, how to get their unique “Jerseylicious” style, and old wounds are reopened as Olivia and Tracy’s feud takes center stage in an 22 showdown that leaves both of them in tears–and the staff divided!


After the explosive third season, the cast of Jerseylicious reunites and dishes on the drama that surrounds the most famous stylists in New Jersey. Tracy tries to survive working her first NY Fashion Uerseylicious.

Season 4, Episode 9 April 15, The salon staff puts their heads together to plan a huge industry party where they can invite potential investors and convince them to open up more Gatsby salon locations. Gigi tries to make amends with Frankie. Fresh off their win at New Jersey Fashion Week, salon owner Gayle and her daughter Christy attempt to revitalize their business and offer an on-location styling service spearheaded parf Olivia. Secret Guide to Fabulous.

Following Tracy and Gigi’s physical altercation in the first half of the reunion special, the cast returns to finish hashing out their differences. Gigi goes baby crazy and plans a surprise shower for Christy. Gayle is adamant about growing the Gatsby’s on-site services so she and Christy decide to make a promotional mailer to send out to potential clients. Anthony attends the grand opening of his new salon; a secret turns Christy against Gayle; Olivia makes a workout video.

Amazing Wedding Cakes, Season 4.

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Olivia’s ex-boyfriend Lorenzo sets his sights on working at Anthony’s salon, but Anthony will only allow it if Olivia gives her approval. When the stylists jerseylicioys out their jobs are in jeopardy, the entire salon becomes invested in Gayle’s decision to sell.

However, she starts to worry that her decision will not only affect her retirement–but will negatively impact her staff’s careers. Gayle is weary of the idea but agrees to give it a trial run if it means getting Anthony back in her salon. See the drama unravel! Lorenzo is ready for his first salon job, but has to prove himself to Olivia. When Alexa books jesreylicious Glam Fairy wedding in Texas, she needs more staff to help with the bridal party.


Join the cast of “Jerseylicious” as they continue to unleash their feelings about the explosive third season. Add seaason Watchlist Added. After Gayle forces Olivia to take a week off after her jersejlicious with Doria, she questions her future at the salon. The Complete List 6. She hasn’t fully recovered from her troubled past relationship with Mikey, and feels even more threatened when she runs into them at a local jerrseylicious.

Season 4, Episode 3 March 4, Tracy and Briella bond in the Poconos and Gigi catches Frankie in a lie. Tracy throws a lavish B-day soiree and Olivia shoots her first style guru video. A party at the Gatsby forces one stylist to face her demons.

Still reeling over the fight she had with Tracy in the club, Olivia has a hard time coming to terms that she is jerseyliicious into a person she dislikes. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

Reunion Special, Pt. 2

An old friendship reignites and Anthony is given some unsettling news. Anthony’s legacy is on the line. Viewers Also Bought See All. Tracy believes that Alexa is holding her back and Frankie breaks the news to his parents that he hasn’t proposed yet.

Meanwhile, Gigi and Tracy deal with being fired.

Christy wants in on a Gatsby-To-Go image event, but does more harm than good. Plus, tensions rise as Olivia and Tracy reflect on their infamous Sonic parking lot brawl, Alexa and Gayle sound off on the Gatsby jerseylicioux Glam Fairy split, other cast members open up about their personal lives and much more. Meanwhile, Jackie tries to hook Olivia up with her cousin.

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