The switch is on the right side of the building, next to the gate. Cross the tracks to reach the ctOS tower. Proceed forward to reach the tower. Use this camera to unlock the gate, marked by a box beside the front bumper of a billboard car. The view ahead will allow you to see the first switch. Towers stick out above the other buildings, which makes them easy to locate. You should be able to see the unlock panel below you while standing on the air conditioners. Reputation Hideouts and exploration of the city Main and side missions Earning money ctOS towers and control centers.

Jump over the railing go get to the lower roof, and you can hack the camera from there. To get to the next mast, you need to take three steps: The view from the camera on the mast. Auto HD High Low. Now go through the alley and use the blue lift to get up to the balcony. Look to the right for the unlock panel. Cross it, but before you hop the fence, make a degree turn to find another unlock panel.

Head around the building and go through the gates to reach the ctOS Dogw and install the backdoor. At the back, you will find a camera attached to the walthrough.

Climb those objects to reach the ctOS gate. The second switch is in front of the gate on the left. In the case of the eighth tower, just like earlier – between the streets, there is a blue elevator. The fifth fowers on the east from skyscrapers in ceneter of the district. The second switch, in front of the gate. If you’re stumped, it could be because you found the carrier too far for a successful roof jump. Hacking the panel unlocks the gate, allowing you to reach the ctOS Tower and install the backdoor.

Wait for the train to pass by, then go onto the tracks and run to the tower. Then, locate the blue elevator. The switch on the Western wall. Main missions – Act III. Hack it to bring it down, the take it up to the roof. You are walkthrouhh permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The second ctoos can be found north of the first one. There will be a yellow ladder on the wall across the way. Secondly, you need to enter the car and drive it into the container ahead. The view from the camera, opposite the gate.


To open your way to the next ctOS mast, walk onto the pier and hack the camera on the post. Run toward the ctOS facility and go up the stairs. So what towets can fit in one of those carriers? Climb up the ladder, then drop down to the area with the forklift to access the tower.

Ranged and close combat Types of enemies Taking damage and the consequences of dying. After passing the gate, make a right and climb up the large generator. Return the way you came and step walkkthrough the newly unlocked door. When the lift has fully risen, move straight ahead toward the climbable ledges.

ctOS Towers | Maps of smaller activities – Watch Dogs Game Guide |

The camera view of the forklift that you need to move. Now go inside and install the back door. Jump over the railing go get to the lower roof, and you can hack the camera from there. Hack the camera at the center of the building then look slightly up and to the left towerd hack another camera. The forklift between buildings. While you’re in that view, look straight ahead and hack the tcos in the distance.

Watch Dogs ctOS Centres & Towers walkthrough guide

Then climb the ladder and go through another gate to find some citizens milling around. Now use the blue lift to get to the roof, then keep climbing to the gates.

Go up the ladder, then through the gate, and you’ll find the ctOS Tower. The next tower is located on a small housing estate, on one of the houses.


Go up the ladder, then drop down to the ctOS Tower and install the backdoor. Switch to a fourth camera and dovs it to unlock a panel that needs to be hacked. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. The view from that camera will allow you to activate the switch at the mast. Go to the tower located at the southeast side of the Brandon Docks. Hack it, then head back the way you came to access another panel, which grants you remote access to a server room.

City Activities minigames towrs challenges. Reputation Hideouts and exploration of the city Main and side missions Earning money ctOS towers and control centers.

The second upside is that they unlock additional hideouts, which appear as marked on the map and which you can fast-travel to. Once you’ve arrived, hack the forklift in the back alley, which opens up access to a catwalk. Go through the gate, make your way left and go over some more air conditioners, and you’ll reach the final gate. Now you have a view of the twers panel. Walk over to the lift and ride it all the way to the top. Getting through the Systems will reveal the ctOS towers in each district.

Did you notice the Intrusion panel after reaching the ctOS gate? Deactivate the view and after you cross the door, climb up onto the mast. You’ll now be able to spot the unlock panel, which you should hack. For the next camera, you should also look up and to the left. Use the camera, lower the forklift to reveal the next camera, then jump to it and unlock the door.

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