Padilla, and Concepcion, JJ. He confessed, and his narration was tape-recorded and later reduced to writing in five pages Exh. He denies having told Ben Ulo, on the last week of May, in the presence of Robles and Scarface, to kill Monroy because, having been a fiscal and a judge, he could not have committed the gross indiscretion of telling such serious matter in the presence of strangers, as Scarface and Robles, whom he did not know; adding that if he really ever wanted to do away with anybody, he could have just told his brother to shoot the victim without the need of anybody else’s help, because his brother is a sharpshooter of note and is a worthy representative of the Philippines in international shooting competitions; besides, his catholicity does not permit him to entertain such a wish to kill. In his statement Exh. There is no doubt, he was the trusted bodyguard of Castelo-and a known killer. Moreover, Monroy was likely to be again a witness in the disbarment proceedings — instituted by Recto — before the Supreme Court, which rested on the same charge of bribery.

And there is one decisive consideration. The confessions of such agents. They join forces to get rid of Buluran as he tries to fight for his life. In the evening, the group headed by Ben Ulo, went to Pasay looking for Monroy, but he could not be found. In his statement Exh. Neither is it improbable that when Ben Ulo introduced them later that same morning as his “boys”, Castelo must have understood that they could be trusted; and so he was outspoken in suggesting Monroy’s destruction, either, perhaps, to impress upon the “boys” that Ben Ulo was not joking, or to show that he, Castelo, was backing them up to the hilt with his double-barreled power as head of both the Justice Department and the Armed Forces of the country. They agreed to use three motor vehicles:

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Hipolito Bonifacio was likewise taken into custody by the Manila Police; and he also made the confession Exh. Alerted by the shots, Pablo Canlas and Jose Moratalla a Quezon City policeman off-duty who were listening to another neighbor strumming a guitar at the entrance of the “pasillo”, spotted and tried bhluran chase De Jesus but lost him.

The following morning, Ben Ulo and the “boys” were again at Castelo’s house. Monroy was unconcernedly playing “mahjong” with his wife, Mario Bautista and Donato Baras at the ground floor of No.

Ben Ulo briefly asked Scarface whether Monroy was there, and the latter answered affirmatively. His superior is killed in a drug-bust operation. JJ and HH-1 were not given by him voluntarily, as the contents thereof were merely dictated by Fiscal Andres Reyes to stenographer Miss Paredes; and that he was merely cajoled into nuluran said statements.


So he had to summon the Bou and the Army to come to his aid, fearing that his complicity with the Monroy murder would at last be uncovered. Amor requested the NBI National Bureau of Investigation and the Manila Police to have a conference with him so as to coordinate police work, as it was believed that the culprits were from Manila; and this request was confirmed by him in a letter to Mayor Lacson Exh. Who is this Ben Ulo? So he could have gone from there directly to accompany Mrs.

Gayares, Scarface was taken to Camp Crame for better security instead of leaving him in the hotel under the Captain’s protection Exhs. They were all pointed out at the bulran by Rogelio Robles.

The Solicitor General bulura Ben Ulo as the central buuran in the conspiracy, sans Castelo, and suggests that he killed Monroy merely to curry Castelo’s favor.

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Boy Buluran Ronnie Ricketts is a police officer who is commended for his good work in fighting against crime. Leuterio, and others, and stayed there until early hours in the morning when he conducted Mrs.

First, he was issuing orders to a loyal subordinate or to would be subordinates; and the Shellborne incident shows him to be capable of carelessness — if not naughtiness — when he directed a colonel to arrest the Mayor of the City of Manila without any judicial warrant 10 ; Second, having been a fiscal, he assumed nobody would believe any witness who would testify to such recklessness of a Cabinet member.

Castelo at last lifted his order, and the incident was closed. Alejo, the Secretary’s aide at Camp Murphy, to send Army troops. J, J-1 and J-2 found on the night of June 15th by Patrolman Matias Soriano of the Pasay Police on duty at Harrison at the time of the shooting, were likewise turned over to Major Cabe who, upon laboratory tests, concluded that the three slugs came from the three empty shells which, in turn, were fired from that gun Exh.

Practice, practice, practice, and make sure it comes from the heart. Several times I have seen Rogelio Robles join us. At least five men in the group were armed: G to Scarface and Robles for them to hide. Dizon Mark Gila very influential man in the business world.

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They reported the negative results to Ben Ulo. Then Generals Vargas and Selga, Cols. At least, in so far as Melencio was concerned, was it not a confession that interlocked with the confessions of the other defendants and must accordingly be considered with such confessions? In addition, there were spare guns in the cars.


Castelo from six o’clock in the evening of Byo 15th, to a party at the Jai-Alai with friends, such as Mrs. Its important that the old man talk to him. The evidence shows that none of Castelo’s co-appellants had any motive for desiring Monroy’s demise.

At the time Ben Ulo was giving last-minute instructions to his “boys”, Manuel P. One month after the Shellborne incident, Castelo went to the United States, but before his departure, he told Ben Ulo in the presence of Melencio, “Ben, ang mga bata, ikaw ang wwtch sa kanila.

In his statement Exh. He told me that is the companion of Ben. His agents acted swiftly and surely.

Specially because unlike the other defendants, Melencio never claimed to have been physically harmed by the Police, and, furthermore, was out on bail when he signed it. Recto’s charges were investigated by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, with Monroy as Recto’s star witness 1 — to the charging or irritation of both Castelo and Ben Ulo who had exerted efforts to prevent him from so testifying.

Scarface who was supposed to be the triggerman, showed some hesitation, so De Jesus 3 entered the pasillo and went towards the apartment where Monroy was playing.

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Yet it is not certain that his brother would be willing to expose his own neck. And yet, he would disregard that same testimony to recommend Castelo’s acquittal. The Blue Byo investigation could only produce removal from office.

I push forward for the love of dance. The confessions of such agents.

Castelo to an evening affair at Jai-Alai. I started off in ballet, jazz, lyrical and musical theatre. Robles later explained that he did not confess anything at that time because he and Scarface enjoyed a certain degree of immunity, Ben Ulo being still “strong” and Castelo powerful.

Forthwith, wahch the presence of and within the hearing of Robles and Scarface, Castelo told Ben Ulo “Kailangan mapatay si Monroy” Monroy must be watdhto which Ben Ulo nodded in quiet assent. Moreover, Monroy was likely to be again a witness in the disbarment proceedings — instituted by Recto — before the Supreme Court, which rested on the same charge of bribery. His death still remains a mystery.

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