It makes an already fantastic show even more so. Trivia A number of parallels can be found within this episode to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Retrieved June 12, I also thought this was a bit anticlimatic but hey, James Marsters! Myka fights what appears to be a losing battle against Season 4 Episode Pete suggests that they chop up Paracelsus into little bits, which is how the Judge in BTVS was prevented from reanimating. Our family is pretty firm and pretty strong now.

They find everything they are looking for but complications arise within the team; Steve discovers a side-effect to the metronome—anything that inflicts pain on him, Claudia will feel. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. With everything on the line, Claudia makes a risky move to save the Warehouse, but not before Mrs Frederic has to give up her connection to the Warehouse. Meanwhile, Artie and Jinks attempt to prevent The Brotherhood from stealing artifacts from the warehouse, artifacts that had once been collected by Artie himself — Brother Adrian’s way of “undoing Artie’s life work”. Leena is killed while trying to help him. Myka and Steve investigate a case where an artifact is slowly killing a jazz player and he knows exactly what it is. Audible Download Audio Books.

Wells and Kate Mulgrew as Jane Lattimer, warehoues appeared in the premiere. Pete and Myka are sent to Philadelphia to find an artifact that is the cause of strange hallucinations—people are fearing monsters, but when attacked, only humans are killed.

The evil alchemist Paracelsus is on the run, and Pete and Myka must stop him before he achieves immortality – or something worse. How do we deal with the loss of someone else?


I like Leena but you seriously have to go back and watch the last couple of seasons From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The team continues their attempt to capture Paracelsus. Share this Rating Title: While doing so, they find a precise description what the Astrolabe is actually doing to him: CW does that type of thing all the time.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. And X2’s Kelly Hu guest-stars as someone who comes in due to Leena’s death.

Warehouse 13’s Pete and Myka Recruit Buffy’s James Masters to Save the World | TV Guide

Pete and Myka head to Las Vegas to check out glowing orange bodies falling from the sky and get caught in a feud between two show magicians. Top 10 Space Movies.

Abuse of the TV. I hope they find a way to bring her back.

Sutton Marster’s character also ironically refers to “drawing breath” which, as the vampire Spike, he could not do. My News Sign up and add shows to mrsters the latest updates about your marsterx shows – Start Now. Lucy Juan Carlos Velis The Warehouse team struggles with the horrible reality of the Warehouse’s destruction and the tragic loss of Steve Jinks, Mrs.

Gonna miss Leena, but you could see the effect it had on Artie.

The Count attempts to bond with his son, Nick, following the death of Charlotte, leading to him risking his own life too. We’re gonna paint with all the same colors and just add a couple of different tones. While there, they encounter Charlotte’s husband, the Count of St.


Retrieved August 14, So good to see Myka again! There’s no need for Steve though so he should go next.

The Living and the Dead

Is it possible,that someone would do reviews jamrs Continuum’s 2nd season? While there, Claudia encounters Charlotte Dupres, who appears to have her own agenda. Helping their cause is Buffy the Vampire Slayer veteran James Marsterswho guest stars as a professor with a specific — and very old — skill set that may help stop the global pandemic.

I think I could be happy with some good old-fashioned craziness for a change. Frederic later played a character possessed by a demon in the movie Marstters Mortal Instruments: But considering we haven’t seen that item on-screen before and Wih doubt she read up on every-single-random item in the Warehouse yet Inside, they see that his mind is shutting down.

Retrieved August 7, Retrieved May 15, Meanwhile Claudia and Steve are on their way to London to investigate a few long-shot horses putting their jockeys into comas after one in a million wins. After all, you’re helping an entity that’s either your rival or someone you don’t care for.

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