This approach is associated with the theory of Claude Levi-Strauss that enables the genre critics to see the genre in simpler and invariant narrative formulas, so they figure out and identify the specific and recurrent oppositions that defined a specific genre, and determine its deep structure Additionally, the contradictory elements are distributed differently instead of at the same time The canonic format has been revived in an established structural analysis which is undisturbed stage, disturbance, struggle, and elimination of the disturbance From the way dress up, the character of werewolves emphasize the roughness, the wilderness, and the strength. The discussion ended with the death of Viktor killed by Count. A fusion figures unites contradictory elements in an ambiguous identity Theory And History, Barkeley: The tension will be more scary in the cold winter or in the rain.

Therefore, in every horror movie the main focus is on the conflict raised by the clashes between the goals and behavior of monsters and those of human beings. Werewolves are always related to certain disease which is contagious and curse. It is worth mentioning that the Warner Brothers was one of the big movie companies in the early Hollywood in s which had a strong influence on the history of horror movies due to bringing the horror stories from Eastern Europe. The contradictory elements can be understood as questions whether these elements are suitable or not. Van Helsing was performed as a secret powerful agent instead of a professor. Every hypothesis in the discovery phase is clearly proved by more evidence, information, and data to support the phenomenon of existing monsters.

New Moon data is made by the writer of the study Lesbian Vampire Killers based on several data taken from Thrist http: While in Underworld film seriesthe group of vampires lived in a huge house that was similar to a castle.

This creature is considered having similarities to the concept of vampirism. He rose as the leader of lycans wapiry werewolves and fought against vampires. Stanford University Press, The social structure and class-related features of monsters presented in the wiljolaki had been also analyzed. Moreover, the stories of werewolves had been existed more than thousands years in Europe.

Standford University Press, Consequently, in Wampirh contemporary horror movies, the mysterious monsters or ghost are completely different from European or 18 Ibid.

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Verona, and Aleera In Underworld film seriesvampires were presented in a group and lived together. The love between Selene and Michael reminded Victor of the love between Sonja, his daughter, and Lucian explained in the prequel, but Selene considered by Victor as his daughter killed him after she listened to the true story about her and the death of her family from Lucian.


A human being turns into a werewolf. Moreover, the numerous vampire and werewolf movies in Hollywood rise enormous possibilities of the plot modification in the horror movies. The werewolves clothing style based on context-depend feature refers to level of social class they live in the society.

Wilcze stado: najlepsze filmy o wilkołakach [top]

The monsters emerge for both vampires and werewolves. The element which differentiates classical and postmodern horror movies is the lack of narrative closure. Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society. They are very strong in the full moon. After passing the tension during the discovery and the confirmation phase, the confrontation phase will adopt problem-solution format to bring the solution or the ending of the movie. Indeed, popular cinema reflects and transmits popular traditions6.

The specificity of the horror genre is not only seen through the violence, but the relationship between the images and the definitions of the monstrous It is proven by the existence of the same concept of dead living creatures like vampires and werewolf in different cultures with the different names and images.

The canonic format has been revived in an established structural analysis which is undisturbed stage, disturbance, struggle, and elimination of the disturbance The experiment of digging and taking the dead human body from the grave without any permission was prohibited by the society. They also did not wear their shoes when they were in werewolf form.

These capitals or properties make vampires become the ruler of the werewolves which must work for them, and it is considered as the private wilkkolaki to control over the minority Furthermore, the author of the thesis observes that the way werewolves are performed in Van Helsing and Underworld film series is also related.

Every hypothesis in the discovery phase is clearly proved by more evidence, information, and data to support the phenomenon of existing monsters.

Therefore, the horror movies break and violate the repression of everyday life, and show them wilkolakki the audience to offer a pleasure of terror.

This movie has become the milestone of the werewolves in the Hollywood movies because it establishes several werewolf characters. This opinion is similar in some regions. They wampriy up in the gorgeous 21st century aristocratic style and they lived comfortably in a huge house where they developed their technology to kill lycans.

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The Enlightenment and its scientific concept will explore more possibilities and produce more varieties of horror monster and theirs confrontation that will emerge together with abundant numbers of scientific discoveries to explain and to defeat them.


This explanation is possible to direct a suggestion that Enlightenment provides horror movies with the basic concept of nature to produce the proper kind of monsters Therefore, they are considered as fantastic creatures for the hesitation that they bring to the audience through naturalistic and supernatural explanation about their existence. The underground was considered as the place for the lycans to live as night creatures. The problems will be clearly solved in the stage of elimination of disturbance together with the ending of the story.

BFI, Based on these explanations, the author of the thesis would like to consider that vampires and werewolves which are the monsters in the most horror movies as fantastic creatures since they have some elements proving that they are fantastic.

In Twilight Saga Eclipse Bella imagined was still golden tint and it emphasized the main story of herself as vampire to keep her relationship with the saga that was a love story of Bella Swan Edward The dialectical function is represented by the dominant color of the movies.

Meanwhile, the classical horror movies do not have the other element, lack of narrative closure, which is only owned by the postmodern horror movies. It is wampir to Wolfman in which left question what would happen to Inspector Alberine since he was bitten by Lawrence Talbot the wolfmanbut at the end of the story Lawrence was killed tilm Gwen.

Van Helsing presented the violence through the character of Count Dracula and his brides that became the terror in Transylvania. Van Helsing got bitten by werewolf when he killed one of them that was actually Velkan Valerious, as it dilkolaki mentioned above. The experiment was started for a long time since Lucian tried to find Corvinus descendent.

EvolutionUnderworld: This gap reflects the basic problem that always emerges in every vampire movies.

Consciousness in this case refers to the aware of objects as well as itself. There is violation of everyday life in the horror movies. In Underworld film series the influence of the Enlightenment could be seen clearly from the way vampires and werewolves killed each other.

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