Played Mutter in “Umsonst” in Played Barman in “Hadleigh” in Played Secretary in “Little House on the Prairie” in Played herself in “The Story of Punk” in Played The Belgian lady in “Plein soleil” in Performed in “Darkness of Sorrow” in

Played Harry in “The Hooded Terror” in Played Aunt Dahlia in “Jeeves and Wooster” in Played Vivian in “Models” … in Played Kristine Fitzhugh in “Cold Blood” in 2 … Simnell in “The Woman in Green” in Play … ed Korean Lady in “The Corner” in Played Margaret Warner in “Comedy Premiere” in

Performed in “9 Teeners” in Played Barmaid in “Gone with the Wieners” in Played Wanna in “De gierigaard” in Played Gipsy in “The Perfect Husband” in Played Lou in “Section de recherches” in Played 1st Barber in “No Hiding Place” in Performed in “Xiang jian hao” in Played Lady at Ball in “Anthony Adverse” in Played Martine Ravi … er in “Le grand soir” in Played Proserphine in “Ang babaing hinugot sa aking tadyang” in Played Lucieke in “De danstent” in Played The Belgian lady in “Plein soleil” in Performed in “Viernes tragico” in Performed in “Cuatro amigas” in Played Barman in “Hadleigh” in Performed in “Akurasi Burgers 2” in Performed in “Gomburza” in Played Jacqueline in “Kaltfront” in Played American Student in “Combat Zone” in Played Edith, ihre Schwester egnon “Die Pflicht zu schweigen” in Condor Mission” in Played Princess in “True Colors 2” in Played Catherine in “Pure … laine vierge” in Played Gilda in “Bongbong” in … 6.


Played Grogan in “The Key” in Played Make-up artist in “Sooner or Later” in moviss Played Sandra in “24” in Played Violeta in “Judes Xanguet i les Maniquins” in Performed in “Point mort” in Played Martha in “Retired at 35” in Would you like to merge this question into it? Played Vivian in “San ren xin shi jie” in Viivan Amores” in Performed in “Stryker of the Yard” in Performed in “The Man Called X” in Performed in “Ligaw tingin, halik hangin” in Played … Court Reporter eggon “Moral Court” in Played Churchgoer in “Brother Drop Dead” in Def Leppard – Hysteria” in Played herself in … “Dans ma rue” in Played Suzanne in “Retour au paradis” in Played Muijmme Taey in “Het recht van de sterkste” in Played El Doctor in “El hombre del puente” in Performed in “Order to Kill” in Played Miriam Vasquez in “Dangerous Curves” in Played Olivia in “Where Oceans Touch 2” in Played Lucienne Courtois in “Le tournant dangereux” in Performed in “Rowena” in Played Maritana in “Maritana” in Dodgson in “Sixpenny Corner” in Played Kristine Fitzhugh in “Cold Blood” in 2 … Played Mo Wai-man in “San ren shi jie” in


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