Feride decides to learn who’s Mahir Kara. Orhan shoots Yasin in front of his house on the day of his father’s trial. Mahir finds his nephew. When he realizes that Feride and Mahir have gotten Turgut has treacherous plans in mind using this beautiful girl. Ayten,disappointed with Mahir, decides to confront Feride. Turgut needs to take more careful steps. Both make moves to win Feride.

On the other hand, Turgut forced to act, pursues to find an important witness. Feride decides to quit her job and the judge position if she is taken off the case. To be able to fulfill his vicious plan, he even suggests that Nazif Kara should be released from prison. Mahir is however not convinced and starts investigating the matter further. Mahir gets back into dangerous paths in order to take back the money for Halil’s surgery. After the trial Feride leaves the town to get away from Mahir. At the same time Turgut wants to heal Feride’s wounds.

Feride and Mahir decide to keep the files that they discovered a secret from everyone, and spend evenings together going over the files, which bring them closer.

Feride’s response to this will be a great surprise for Mahir. Ayten, who is aware of the close relationship between Mahir and Feride, is in a difficult situation when the photos from the Ball come to the surface, and she karadai to Necdet for help. Mahir is able to step outside and wait karadai Feride while she speaks to his family without her finding out that he is Mahir Kara.

While Mahir is searching for ways of getting his father confession reversed, Turgut is investigated who this young attorney is that keeps getting in his way. All epixode that might prove his father’s innocence are destroyed and Mahir sees no other way than to testify at his father’s trial with surprising outcome.

Turgut finds Mahir and Feride’s hiding place. Mahir, in unexpected move, forms an alliance with Yasin, because he knows that the reason for removal Feride from the case is his fault. Mahir is exposed, Necdet shares this news with Turgut who in return directly tells Feride’s parents about the real identity of Salih Ipek. Mahir follows Feride home and proposes a second time to her. Mahir makes the decision to stay away from both Feride and the courthouse. Everyone is playing his trump card few hours before the trial.


Mahir knows that nothing is over. Mahir awakes from his coma and appears in court to testify at his father’s trial. Turgut is caught up in his lies after Mahir’s investigations.

When Cemil reveals who has hired him to follow them, both Mahir and Feride received the shock of their lives. When Mahir and Safiye go to visit Kader in order to get hold of the file, they encounter a burning house.

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Mahir decided to reveal the truth to Feride. Her parents pretend of not having known Mahir’s real identity and fake sympathy. Mehmet Saim is absolutely against a relationship between his daughter and Mahir whom he believes to be an undercover agent.

Feride doesn’t want to listen to Mahir. Ayten cannot face life any longer and attempts to kill herself.


Melih wants to apologize to Kara family and ends up with a big surprise. Feride, who thinks that Mahir is an officious man, tells him to run to another judge. She asks Karadahi for an explanation, however the answers only cause the friction between them to grow. Both make moves to win Feride. The Kara family couldn’t be happier with the release of Nazif and his return home. Mahir, who is on the verge of getting engaged to his childhood friend Episide, not only is distraught which the happenings rrama the shop, he is also in shock with the arrest of his beloved father.

Their lives and the lives of their family turn upside down when their shop in the shopping area is dismantled. However, neither Mahir nor Feride are no longer there. Combining this with the key that was sent to Feride, they both head for Buyukada.


In order to cover his tracks he tries to drag the Kara family further into darkness and despair. Know what this is about?

His fears though are that his, Turgut and Cetin’s shady business might be exposed. Turgut, who is now certain that Mahir is there on a secret mission, is looking for ways of ridding himself of Mahir.

Osman realizes that his brother Necdet is not ddama involved in the kidnapping of Nazif junior. Yasin discovers surprising information about Serra. Turgut needs to take more careful steps.

After the trial Feride leaves the town to get away from Mahir. In the end they catch Cemil. Mahir leaves the ball before the evening is over.

The result of the research reveals that the fingerprint doesn’t belong to Nazif. Feride’s father strongly objects to his daughter’s affections for Mahir.

When Mahir goes to see his mother as Salih Ipek, she recognizes him. Yrdu1 has treacherous plans in mind using this beautiful girl.

Karadayi – Episode 82 Full – Urdu1 Drama -7 April 2014

Mahir, who is unaware of Turgut’s investigation, is trying to convince Feride that his father was tortured and signed the confession under duress. In order not to give up on the innocence of the case Yasin and Mahir are playing a game. Mahir, goes over the truth regarding Emin with Feride.

But when he hears that his mother was tortured, he gets angry. The real murderer Turgut while investigating Nazif meets Ayten. Nazif, knows the deceased prosecutor Suleyman for 30 years.

Feride is keen on giving him the maximum punishment and enforces his warrant first thing early in the kaaradayi. Yasin discovers that Serra changed her original testimony. Audible Download Audio Books.

Mahir is there to visit his father.

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