But because view spoiler [ they are soul mates, I guess they feel an instant connection to one another, so they have to like each other. But when you have a century old vampire in his mid to late twenties falling for a high school girl, I do not like that. A chilly draft brushed through the room, making the flames of a hundred different candles flicker and shiver before resettling. Not just a note , I realized as I lifted the flower up. I thought Oliver was a great addition, I could imagine his flamboyant personality easily. This series illustrates the battle of wills, power struggles, deception, and love. AGH I don’t even know what I mean but it bothers me to no end.

All this and it’s solid plot line I’ll definitely be continuing with the next book. Who is the man in the suit and what does he want from her? Sometimes you got the feeling he was hiding something or didn’t tell the truth, but it didn’t disappoint me or annoy me at all. The devil has followed Gabrielle around since before she was born. Refresh and try again. Am I the only one who got the love at first sight feeling here? The most stupidest, insufferable main character that you could possibly imagine and that you repeatedly want to slap multiple times for their dumbass mistakes that even you can pick up from the start. I read this book in 24 hours.

Gabrielle is an ass-kicking, fighting machine who can hypnotize you with her glamour and convince you to let her drink you dry. But for me, it did enough.


Somebody wants her dead. There is a decent romance in this. She doesn’t learn useful things until bad things happen to her. You can tell this is one of her early novels, as the themes are a little cliche and predictable, kind of a typical sort of YA PNR. Published June 25th by Lavabrook Publishing Group. Shortly after the door clicked shut, I rubbed my arms. The day had kept us separated long enough. His personality was phenomenal and I laughed every time he was on scene.

Jitters and my heart beating faster and faster. View all 16 comments. Phantom fingertips caressed my cheek.

I touched my cheek, then rubbed the sensation away. She’s the LAST siren, shouldn’t that mean something? She seriously kicks ass at urban fantasy!

The Unearthly Series

I didn’t like all of them, but I enjoyed their characterization anyway. This story has a lot of potential so I’m hoping it gets better and better as it progresses. I think this is Laura’s strong spot. Not just a noteI realized as I lifted the flower up. I wasn’t mad at her for thinking he was the one after her, if I was her and had her bad luck I’ll be running from him. I can’t wait to continue the series.

Peel Academy for supernaturals makes an appearance omg! Only Gabrielle cannot let that happen now uneartuly her soul hangs in the balance, because she may have met the devil. Looking forward to the rest of the lura.


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D Theodore being the “bas guy” of this book threw me! I waved my hand to dissipate the cloying floral scent and lifted thalzssa rose. But when you have a century old vampire in his mid to late twenties falling for a high school girl, I do not like that. See 1 question about The Unearthly‚Ķ.

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I brought the hand to my lips, my brows knitted. It captured my attention and the rest is history. It just sounds like every one of those other really serries paranormal-boarding school kind of books. Exactly, I’m a bookwhore who doesn’t care the hero is an old ass vampire and the heroine a high school student.

Seriously, I cannot remember any of the characters names. Shameless and all that.

Protect your soul, if you can. AGH I don’t even know what I mean but it bothers me to no end. I cannot wait to see how her siren powers manifest in the next books. I mean, this book ends with a helluva cliffhanger, what’s wrooooong with me??

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