Issac’s love interest and Teddy’s crush. When Lin Dong stops to rest, still not very enthusiastic about this trip, Huan Huan suggest they skip the visit and go to one of the super sects instead. Will Power Episode 25 0. Elder Mu starts to tell him that Qing Tan has been taken back to the Dark Palace where the Dark Palace is and he gets upset she is using that tactic on him again. Huan Huan gets lightheaded again. Qing Tan and Lang Tian are doing it again…cultivating I mean… when they get caught by Ling Zhen who berates him for using the secret chamber with some random girl. Most important they like it.

Issac’s love interest and Teddy’s crush. The Elder starts tossing blades at him and he dodges them. And then the ground rumbles and the Mysterious Crystal Stone comes out of the ground and disintegrates. The Prince is practicing with his sword, but gets bored. She apologizes to the villagers on behalf of her father as their remaining energy reveals the talisman, which Lin Dong takes. Hopefully more ppl watch then wanna write will.

Lin Dong is practicing with the Big Eclipse Sword in the woods when Zhou Tong shows up at the deserted ruins, scavenging for food and looking around.

Lang Tian is being an asshole, using his powers to knock back Qing Zhu. The guy is doing…something. He is freaked out, but she tells him he did the right thing and that he needs to stop yielding and compromising.


Huan Huan is cultivating when Qing Zhu arrives to see her. Anyone want Season 2 recaps? He starts beating the crap out of Lin Dong for humiliating himself and everyone who has helped him. Will Power Episode 22 0. Mu Qian Qian, of course, has an idea of how he can defeat him. Everything also must improve. And guess who comes to find him? Oh, and same camera! Xiao Yan reveals the bet he and Lin Diao have regarding which wilo he likes more and asks if he likes Huan Huan.

Will Power – Episode 31 (Cantonese)

If you want to keep the business turun-termurun, we cannot keep on using the old style. I watch till superb angry! The other disciples are impressed as well. Honestly, you could probably fast forward through most of this episode unless you are really into melodrama.


One good thing about TVB’s serials is that eventually, good triumped over evil. Wait until he dies then only use the modern way? The man is surprised to hear that he is Lin Dong and Lin Dong is amused that it seems he is famous. Show posts by this member only Post Posted by KoSong Cafe at 9: Show posts by this member only Post 6. Solar Airways and Hong Kong’s first Chinese captain pilot. How if after ppwer 2nd brother dies, then who going to use the old way to prepare the angsa?


Xiao Yan warns that someone is coming and they see Huangfu and the soldiers return. He was badly affected by the rape of his daughter by him especially despite his vast experience as lawyer, was unable to help her to bring him to justice.

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The pair of siblings were separated due to a past incident and he has tried to make it up to her ever since. Sure enough, a familiar purple cloud appears. Will Power Episode 16 0.

Will Power Episode 9 0. In the woods, the Elder gives Lin Dong a blindfold for his eyes and tells him not to speak. They use their Talismans to protect themselves and then run after Lang Tian, but he ends up in a trap set by the Prince and his bodyguards.

Best friend of Roy, CoCo and Nick. He tells Wu Dao to tell everyone to be on alert as Huan Huan still is not at full power yet.

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