Finally Eun Gyul has someone to confide in. There’s really nothing more to add, so I shall reiterate: And all the hyung whore-isms Eun Gyul seeing Jae Hee’s a girl! They look like the kids I teach at school, but I console myself thinking I’m not he only one. I think the show do live up to its genre, youth and dream.

He gazes into her eyes and she stares back… and he goes in for the kiss. Taejoon had to help her out eventually. He deserve someone better though I have nothing against her now that she’s not annoying TJ anymore. Don’t worry, there is no physical required. Running Man game Show Episode Description Kang Tae-Joon Minho is a gold medalist in the high jump, but he has been mired in a slump due to an injury. I didn’t think they would come again for a second concert but I immediately made up my mind to go once it was confirmed. I haven’t crushed like this in a while, and finding out that he’s a hyung whore was just the best thing EVER.

Completely true about the manga too. To The Beautiful You – Episode 3. In the Japanese drama, I’m pretty sure she comes clean towards the end of the second-to-last episode—to the entire school. Eun-gyul, favorite character in this version. I’m glad that you do like her since there are times where she can be inspiring. This is not supposed to be sersious and flawless considered it’s a ramake from a freaking manga and most of lead casts are new and young I agree that the writing is inconsistent and the acting arent the best but it’s a fun n young drama that should make people smile Dad is relieved to see him and explains that his blood pressure just shot up.

Dpdrama is one luck girl.

[LINK] To The Beautiful You Episode 2 Eng Sub | Blog Suka-Suka

Since that day I’ve been downloading songs, watching videos, burning holes on digital pics from all the time I spend starring at them, etc, etc.

Don’t worry, there is beaufiful physical required.

He is such a fine actor! Jae-hee regales him with tidbits about her hometown and how nice it would be to show Tae-joon one day. But must say I am IMPRESSED by his acting so far, he’s deff better than lots of the idols who transitioned over, he’s especially good with his eyes- there’s something so expressive about them and that crying scene was wow.


Toma’s Nakatsu was great his eplsode out his inner monologues were geniusbut it was not exactly like Nakatsu in the manga – the jdrama Nakatsu was much more comical and strange.

And they still have to get Jae-hee and Tae-joon on the same page regarding that. I backed out of that place real slow. So Dad figured that it would be better if his son hated him instead if beautifkl meant that it made things easier on Tae-joon. That moment when everything was right again and everyone was doing the things they loved gave me chills of happiess.

I don’t have any complaints about her whatsoever. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I loved the scene with Eun-gyul and Hyun-jae and I wish that these two were highlighted more often — not only as individual characters which I love but together as well. It’s nice that people are giving good response about Minho’s acting and singing.

I’m tired of all of the serious stuff in the other dramas, where people die, and careers are crushed. I got tears in my eyes!!!!!

This ep made me feel warm on the inside: The best thing about reading recaps besides for the fun of it is that Gummi voices all the weird things I fell but I sometimes can put my finger on.

She went back to America without Tae Joon knowing, Tae Joon was at the qualification for Olympic game when she left, But after a year they meet again,, and thats the end. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Now for my fangirl momment N I thought u would be fair n smarter than that Guess not: I’m only watching this drama because of Minho but as the eps grow you can’t help but fall for the other characters too.


Thanks for all of your opinions everyone – two episodes left! Haven’t had to think too hard at all, no drugs or alcohol to worry about cuz alchol in chocolate candy don’t countjust friends being friends, hidden feelings becoming open feelings, and cuteness just getting cuter and cuter. If you have a ribbon, some staples and a stick, that’d be good, too.


At first they did not get along, Since Tae Joon dont like to share the room with others but later on they became closer, And Tae Joon found out that she was actually a girl,without her knowing. Epsrama anyone of you had done the same to someone who had inspired you to get back on your feet? I do think they were stupid to change so much from the source manga though.

Joyous October 5, at 4: Watching feigned and real shock as the I-was-a-girl-all-along-! Sunk deeper, Min-ho crush. They stop by his old elementary school and Tae-joon marvels how she even knew where it was. She knows it now, doesn’t she?

This drama eplsode flawed, but it’s fun and breezy.

epdramz I don’t understand why they don’t use his voice for singing. I watched the one where he’s kissing? I stayed up to 5am yesterday watching dream team eps and then clips of minho being a hyung whore that were like seconds each What we’re watching by DB Staff. Sorry not sure if you felt it too but I felt like there was alot of needless nitpicking at insignificant things this ep.

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