I cant rememer anytime when it was gory. The story is set in Wednesday, March 30, Tigerland. Back home, I cut meat! All I ask is that you do whatever you have to do so we can live together. And of course the South Vietnamese government we were protecting would fold like a napkin. I am sure some of them are, but the movie views its uncompromising world through the eyes of a young man named Roland Bozz Colin Farrell , who is rebellious against the ideas of war.

It got a good film, but not a great one in its honor. Army Advanced Infantry Training Center. Joel Schumacher Falling Down, Twelve directed and he did a really good job. No disrespect would have ever been given a Drill Sergeant or a Officer unless you wanted to get severally mauled. The movie for me filled a gap in my memory that was before my time. Tigerland has been added to your Cart. Roland Bozz is one of those young men. Unlike Bozz, Paxton volunteered for the Army.

Talkin’ About Shit ‘n’ Stuff: Tigerland

Guys like the Bozz character depicted tigeralnd this movie end up in the stockade or at least get run out of combat units. It’s a training camp with men who have enlisted combined with spoilet who got drafted.

How Bozz Colin Farrel deals with Paxton Matthew Davis throughout the storyline, from camp to Tigerland, and even in the end helping him. Films directed by Joel Schumacher. While the film’s setting is loosely based on Fort Polk, the film was actually filmed at Camp Blanding in Florida.

That’s what drew me into the movie This is one War Drama worth seeing if you are in for the constant cussing at times beyond reason and the horrors of what boot camp are.


You are a goddamn piece of work, Tigelrand. The hero or anti hero is a nice guy, in wolf’s skin. No CGIs and no slow motion action. Another private, Wilson Shea Whighama racial bigot and instigator, continuously demeans Miter and Bozz.

Thomas yells at the unit, telling them they’re all dead because they’ve been standing around talking. You need to login to do this. It also shows the nasty side of human nature that comes out under duress and the wonderful side of those who refuse to give in to duress.

The Internet Movie Database. There is no room for non conformity in combat.

Eventually Bozz’s natural leadership and ability earns him the title of squad leader sometimes called acting Jack. Throughout the years audiences have seen and understood war films with every point of view possible, and somehow producers and writers always come up with new and innovative methods of portraying mlvie soldiers on the battlefield.

Is the Louisiana swamp more dangerous than the DMZ? In revitalizing Schumacher’s directorial talent, Tigerland –partially inspired by the Danish Dogme 95 movement of no-frills filmmaking–suggested that one solution to Hollywood’s moribund “product” was to abandon excess, focus on essentials, and assemble a fine cast of unknown actors to make it all moviee.

By Metascore By Userscore. I never heard anyone mention “Tigerland” but the Army did have realistic Vietnam training villages at different bases across the U. Wednesday, March 30, Tigerland.

That was the precursor to all our troubles in the 70s and 80s, which I know for a fact as I stayed in until To that end, Tigerland also marked the deserving arrival of Irish actor Spojler Farrell as Hollywood’s hottest new discovery. Tagged as the second worst spoiled of the Earth, it was a recreation of the Vietnamese jungle and was used to prepare American soldiers for the hellish terrain they were soon to be fighting in.


Retrieved from ” https: My only disappointment in the movie, where it was filmed.

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The innovative free-hand filming did add a certain taste or flavor to the film. But you know what? I could tell that the film was not filmed in Louisiana and looked it up — filmed in Florida. Mixed or average reviews based on 14 Critics. I think it was an important story to tell, as I’m sure much of it probably happened at one time or another Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

Being based in boot camp, this is a very unique movie which is highly focused on what it took to mentally and physically prepare for Vietnam. No need for overpaid A-list actors. This was after all the director who had not too long prior reduced the once darkly watchable Batman franchise to comedy campy ham overdrive.

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