Are you there, reptilian? Where I am supposed to be. This level of awesome power is highly impressive, and shows what a powerful weapon for good the Sword of Omens actually is. Stand back and do as I say, boy. I have never seen the likes of such a storm. When faced with a problem with an uncertain resolution, it is best not to act impulsively on instincts or to use physical strength alone. We will be there. Well, Pumm-Ra, we would be happy to have you join us.

Trust is something that takes time to grow. Yes, we will certainly be there. I guess I should take more time in making important decisions. He is behind you! When faced with interpersonal problems, the ability to defer acting and to engage in the processes of thinking about the situation is important in children. Well, guarding this place is just as boring. If it’s still working, that is.

Those cats are very clever, and I don’t trust Mumm-Ra. Are you there, reptilian? They drugged you and were about to carry you off when I appeared. Previous Episode Next Episode. Guess we can head back. She said she’d be here. It is he who should go. I can’t believe Thundercatd misjudged that Pumm-Ra like I did.

We must know what their plans are. But when I awoke I vote we take him in. I am from a distant planet that was destroyed, called Thundera. This must be the one.


Thundercats – S 1 E 5 – Pumm-Ra

You can’t defeat us all. Pumm-a a corresponder in the ThunderTank. Don’t see Cheetara around. I think we should have a closer look at that volcano.

Thundercats – Season 1, Episode 5: Pumm-Ra –

Do you believe your good fortune, or thundsrcats with suspicion? Some significant thinking skills are the capacity to generate alternative solutions to the problem, the capacity to consider the consequences of social acts, and the ability to articulate step-by-step means to reach a particular solution.

Well, Pumm-Ra, we would be happy to have you join us.

You’re not one of us. Yes, I would like that very much. We are here, and we are prepared. I want it all.

But you know that we will. The central plot of this episode shows a great maturity of storytelling, with Mumm-Ra devising a plan that will strike the ThunderCats at their weakest point, their sense of homesickness and potential isolation. Suffice to say that I have thundervats here for a thousand years.

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Pumm-Ra |

Will pumm-fa agree to stay and promise to obey the laws of Thundera? I guess we cannot take our sacred trust lightly. Yes, this door would be safely locked to anyone but Mumm-Ra.

You promised us a ride. These are the emotions at play when Mumm-Ra hatches a sinister plot to infiltrate the ThunderCats from within! You were captured by some strange creatures. I’m the architect of Cats’ Lair. But all for nothing.


That’s like the sun forgetting to set. Lion-O must sleep with that blasted sword. But it is a good plan so we’ll wait and see. Tygra, how will you vote? Yes, there is some activity in sector nine. My crew was killed and my ship was stranded in nothingness with no engines until yesterday, when the gravity pull of this planet brought me here. This episode is packed full of all of the things that mark ThunderCats out as one of the best animated series of all timeā€”an engaging, character-driven plot, beautiful animation, and exciting, fast-moving action sequences!

Imagine yourself as one of the last of your kind, stranded on a new and potentially hostile planet. And I guess new friends are not as easily made as I thought.

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