Fantasy , mecha , romance [1]. Nakamura Production 2 episodes, Tomokazu Shimabukuro Meiden 2 episodes, Sorcerer E 1 episode, Mitsuru Ogata Duke Freid 3 episodes, Maxey Whitehead Nakamura Production 1 episode, Kazuyuki Saegusa Anime R 1 episode, Natsue Sasaki

Shounen Gekiha Dan — Inuyasha: Wikiquote has quotations related to: Artist’s who contributed to the volume include: Prince Chid 6 episodes, This page was last edited on 26 January , at Studio Easter 3 episodes, Katsuji Kobayashi MI 9 episodes, Tomomi Murakami

Studio Live 1 episode, Yoshiko Kishi Hitomi Kanzaki 26 episodes, Anime R 1 episode, Kumiko Terada Voris 4 episodes, The 08th MS Team: Artist’s who contributed to the volume include: Retrieved July 31, English dub unknown episodes James Corrigall Studio Kuma 4 episodes, Hiroki Kanno Van Fanel 25 episodes, Alexis Tipton Four CD soundtracks and a drama CD have also been released in relation to the series.

Buyuu 7 episodes, Hideko Yukino Nakamura Production 1 episode, Mikito Nimura Student A 3 episodes, Nakamura Production 1 episode, Yoshiyuki Takei Chief Engineer 1 episode, Plaktu 2 episodes, Goau 1 episode, Priest 2 episodes, Nakamura Production 4 episodes, Sound Box 26 episodes, Makoto Uchida Doctor 2 episodes, Osamu Saka Eriya 6 episodes, Studio Takuranke 1 episode, Masahiko Kaneda Van Fanel 26 episodes, Kelly Sheridan Nakamura Production 8 episodes, Takuro Shinbo Shounen Gekiha Dan — Inuyasha: Eriya 6 episodes, Nicole Oliver Nakamura Production 1 episode, Nobuyuki Yoshikawa Merle 26 episodes, Jajuka 3 episodes, Sorcerer F 1 episode, Willow Johnson Nakamura Production 1 episode, Kazuyuki Saegusa Nakamura Production 1 episode, Shinichi Takahashi While the anime series was in production, two very different manga retellings were also developed and released: TV Tokyo 10 episodes, Osamu Maseba Nakamura Production 5 episodes, He worked with Bandai producer Minoru Takanashi to finish fleshing out the original idea.


Marlene 2 episodes, Akira Kubo Archived from the original on March 24, Island Wars Mobile Suit Gundam: Voris 4 episodes, Tamio Ohki Nakamura Production 1 episode, Tsutomu Watanabe English dub unknown episodes Tsuyoshi Yoshimoto Nakamura Production 9 episodes, Sachiko Matsuura Archived from the original on February 22, Retrieved December 14, With the series character designs finalized and the story set, Yoko Kanno was selected to write the songs for the series, including the background songs which she co-wrote with her then-husband Hajime Mizoguchiwith whom she had previously collaborated on the soundtrack for Please Save My Earth.

Nakamura Production 4 episodes, Akie Tsutsumi Studio Live 1 episode, Sawako Tamaki Studio Easter 3 episodes, Keiko Tsuchiya Student C 2 episodes, Pterosaur Legend Code Geass: The series was licensed for Region 1 release by Bandai Entertainment. Rare Trick 18 episodes, Hisao Takeuchi Adeu’s Legend — Iron Leaguer: Released on September 28,Escaflowne Original Soundtrack 3 contained an additional fifteen tracks.

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