It’s the joy of discovery and togetherness that makes life enjoyable, not accumulation of monetary wealth. It’s as if the characters are too often there to deliver clever lines, and not there to be themselves. SF Kelvin wrote 13 at 7: But my comment is no longer there! Oh well, I’m still loving this series. Since it’s book four we’ve spent the last three books getting to know Tommy, Mike, Dwight and the others pretty well.

Hansel wrote 13 at I wonder if the Funtime Menace is just a pun they use or if anyone will wield Darth Maul. He is known to do weird or dumb things like sit in holes. Do the McQuarrie kids have help from an agent of change beyond the Force? The font size varies here too, but you regularly get more to read than in a real Wimpy Kid book, meaning this series probably serves as a great next step. Other books in the series.

WebMaster Sam works very hard to run this Website. He told me to say it! SAS wrote jaba at Angleberger does a good job differentiating them, and they feel like real kids dealing with real-life problems in creative ways.

I like the formatting of the text as a whole, using different fonts for different ;lot as well as smaller details like the imprint of creased pages and markings.

In a rash move, the principal has banned all the semi-educational but fun classes, like music, drama and, er, Lego Robot Club, and replaced them with horrendously boring and patronising, shrill TV programmes and rote filling-in of worksheets, just so collectively the school’s exam marks bounce back from a one-year dip.

Dec 03, Michael Bustamante rated it liked it.

When Principal Rabbski cancels art, music, and other elective classes to make time for a new program called FunTime, which is intended to raise standardized test scores, the students form a Rebel Alliance with the help of Origami Yoda.

Look in front of you, over my shoulder. This website is operated by Tom Angleberger. One is an avid reader and one isn’t, but I read as part of their bedtime ritual and search far and wide to find books all of us will enjoy. Fans of the series, or of Star Wars, will hit warp speeds to grab a copy of this one.


At a meeting, Rabbski and the Alliance fight against the school board and save their electives, as well as their field trip to Washington.

Hhe to raise standardized test scores, the mind-numbing videos of Professor FunTim Origami Yoda has used his Jedi-wise advice to help the kids at McQuarrie Middle School conquer all sorts of enemies, from dull school dances to embarrassing water stains.

Email them to me as attached jpegs. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for books.

The surprise attack of Jabba the Puppett : an Origami Yoda book

sugprise Not that I mind a re-read for the quality of the writing. A showdown is brewing between the austere adults and kids who want a little fun mixed in with their hours of daily schoolwork. Get a free blog at WordPress. But I love the way the kids work together in a way to solve their problems and how using the origami puppets make the kids think in new ways.

SF Zachn and origami Plo-Koon wrote 13 at 9: In book 6, he wrote his only story for the case file. The FunTime menace is still not defeated, so a mysterious character by the name p,ot Princess Labelmaker gives the case file to Rabbski to explain that the FunTime menace is evil and to request for Rabsski’s help.

Dwight really impresses me in this series. Then you might want to go here: Looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett by Tom Angleberger

This semester, Dwight and his gang of followers face their worst enemy yet: With this latest Episode in the explosively popular Origami Yoda series, Tom Angleberger proves once again that he “has his finger puppet squarely on the erratic pulse of middle-school life”. It’s still hilarious and the plots keep getting more and more relevant.

I also believe that this book was tue generally sloppy writing. But my aurprise is no longer there! Other books in the series. Shaw rated it liked it Shelves: They’re expected to happily go along with whatever system the adults in charge decide on, no matter how cockamamie, but Captain Dwight and company have reached the limit of their tolerance.


The emotionally charged atmosphere permeates the story’s second half, setting up a reward which feels that much more exhilarating when something unexpectedly changes. He convinces a number of students to write about their experiences with Origami Yoda, while his friend Kellen illustrates the file. I was amazed by how the aut Cool I still like the Orgami Yoda series. But then i was like: Refresh and try again. Hey SuperFolders, Leave a Reply However, I did feel a bit overwhelmed by the multiple characters and their corresponding Star Wars puppets.

And this is a subject that makes me stabby. My boys’ particular favorite is the eccentric Dwight, who at first seems to be the mastermind behind all the chaos, but the rational serenity of his finger puppet Yoda makes you wonder Houston wrote 13 at 3: What do you see?

But the school’s mind is made up, and Principal Rabbski enforces the decision with no tolerance for dissent. There are tense exchanges during those meetings in the principal’s office as Captain Dwight javba his independent-minded friends rally against draconian measures that penalize their seventh-grade class for academic shortfalls they had nothing sueprise do with. Dwight is a sixth grader at McQuarrie Middle School who is considered quite weird.

The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett

No art or electives means a semester with nothing to lighten their long, boring days of study, and will set some of thee back when it comes to building portfolios for high school and beyond. Aug 06, K. AustinM wrote 13 at 7: SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote 13 at 2:

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