The two are next to meet, but a shocking bit of information from Tenko reveals that Ueki is going into this fight severely handicapped: The first fight is Ueki versus Yunpao, a power user with the ability to turn electricity into Ueki’s reply is that he prefers the real, adding that his adoptive father is the real one in his eyes. Will Ueki be able to make good use of this advice for the upcoming fight against Team Ballow? Surprised by what they find, they follow him back to the House of the Sun, where Hideyoshi helps take care of a group of children. Tenko and Rinko do their best to give Ueki some time to heal, but the remaining ten aren’t making it easy on them.

While Ueki and friends recover, an introspective Robert starts to wonder about his own motives. His god candidate tells him that if he beats Ueki who is the fastest runner in the school but never beat the school record because he had to use the bathroom he will get the running ability. K’s words were correct. However, he is no match for Hanon, and is defeated after a long battle. Forced with a close combat battle, can Ueki come up with a usable strategy to grab victory before Baron does? It all started when he met a young girl on Earth named Haruko No matter how many clay men Ueki takes down, they just keep coming.

Bolo T, a power user with the ability to turn his forehead into diamonds. She finally awoke and saw Barrow with his Kurogane activated. He goes to confront Margarette, who is in fact not Margarette at all, but an Infernal. Unsure about what to do, Tenko decides to give his life for Ueki’s quest to become stronger. As for Wanko, who was trapped in the underworld, he is elected as the next celestial king by the Peisode team as a whole.


But Tenko has a secret: Dogura Manshion no housoku ” Japanese: They are quite simple: Ueki’s sense of justice won’t let anyone down, even his enemies. With one win on their side, it’s Mori’s turn to fight. Another is Mauro Taira, a less than decent individual, who has no problem attacking from behind.

Yet Ueki lives to do the impossible and manages to not only gain one, but two of sacred weapons within a short time. The fourth round begins and Hanon explains the rules. K, but is still less powerful than Hanon.

Genesis of aquarion episode 2 english dubbed

Mori tells him that now he sucks at running and will never be good again but Ueki tells her, if he keeps on trying his hardest, he’ll eventually become as fast as he was before, maybe even faster. After doing so, Mori tricks him into thinking he loves eyeglasses and they run up to meet the others.

Ueki shows off his new-found power by smashing a rock with the first star sacred weapon, Kurogane, but Don uses his ability to turn a ring into a rocket and obliterates a large chunk of the landscape.

Law of Kobasen” Transcription: The final round is approaching and everyone is contemplating the upcoming round. Matthew goes so far as to claim Sano’s power to be completely worthless.

So in essence, as Ueki lost all his talents, he gains one, and that means he doesn’t in fact disappear. While Ueki is busy trying to get back to his teammates, Sano, Mori, and Hideyoshi entlish the remaining members of Team Marilyn.

He is uncomfortable around Ueki, but secretly wants to know if he is still important to his son. It seems that Capucho has a nasty little trick up his sleeve: Back with God, as he faces the Infernal Margarette, the two fight using their sacred weapons, but it is a draw. Robert is able to deflect every dubbbed Ueki sends at him with his bubbles. And because Ueki only has eighteen talents left, Ueki only has eighteen chances to take out Hanon.


He has two more unknown powers no one has seen yet: So why does he also say his name is Robert Haydn when fnglish discovers that Ueki is also a power user?

The Law Of Ueki ep 1 english dubbed – video dailymotion

So whose side is our towel user really on? One is Seiichiro Sano, a decent type, with the ability to turn towels into steel, whom they met while trying to rescue a small girl from a fall. Mori tries desperately to solve the mystery of her power, trying out every idea that pops in her head. Instead, they call it a draw.

Forcing Ueki into a situation where he has to put himself into the direct path of Myojin’s laser beams, the cheating power user has the ebglish hand. Mori has decided to help Ueki, but realizes there are other competitors challenging him. He then proceeds to take out everyone else. Returning to her frightened friends victorious, she retains no knowledge of her strange transformation.

How can she hope to defend herself? Just as they begin to mourn for Ueki, Hideyoshi and Barrow show up. Now that he has been spit out, he is no longer limited in the number of talents. Mori pines for Ueki, and Rinko and Sano are in disbelief. Hanon picks her up and walks her over to a cliff, choking her all the way. And who exactly is this Hanon and why does he have such an interest in Ueki?

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