In fact he refused to let her testify again. He is another fav character beside our pass away king jae Kang. Shokojo Seira Japanese Drama. Falling in love before the wedding? So by the time the drama pulled this stunt on us yesterday, I was mentally well-prepared. I guess i got confused.. Ho Goo’s Love Korean Drama.

Kimi wa Petto Japanese Drama. Drama Stage Season 1: Ajin – Demi Human Japanese Movie. Mayer offers the King a “gift” in the form of planted evidence near the assassination area. She is simply a woman who has a man in her heart. All the characters do something unexpected but then when you have time to digest, totally reasonable and plausible. But he just yanks her onto the bed into his arms.

Where she is concerned, he always acts before he thinks, not that I support him askigher to leave, but he was really hurt by her uncalled foe remarks, especially after he had stood up for her — when Bong Gu did not give her the proper respect, he grilled him; he refused to let her go thru the public hearing and the way he yelled at the ministers and finally went to see the PM, were all ways in which he supported and showed his love for her.

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CJ7 Hong Kong Movie. Secretary Eun sits in his office and writes down his meeting with Daniel Craig. Learn how your comment data is processed. He stops for a visit, and asks the aides to give them the room.

It kind of kills me how much his voice is shaking. If not, why bother? It showed his hand – arrogance and a belief that they were better than they are. Hang-ah and Jae-shin scene is the most touching scene for me too.

And then voila, after that, they’re just all cutesy and there’s some unspoken understanding that all is forgiven and each of them knows the other side loves them? Queen Mother tells him that Hang Ah has left, so does he feel better that his life has returned to normal? Do you want to bathe in poop water? I don’t think the sasaeng fan comment was a cheap shot at Yoochun because he’s the lead actor in their rival drama.


How come he always taking up his phone calls and follows his ways giving him satisfaction i mean during the phone calls not later.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Recap

Left alone, Jae-ha turns around to the little screen that prompts him for a set of keywords, one to start recording and one to stop I foresee this coming in handy later. Postman To Heaven Korean Movie. Norwegian Wood Japanese Movie. JH completely scared me at that moment! Kimfhidrama – Love On Korean Drama.

You can’t be klutzier than me. Jae Ha being a fashion icon http: Drama Special Series Season 2: Hang Ah is asked if she considers herself a North or South Korean at this time. The first thing epizode to find out as much about their operations as possible. Personal Taste Korean Drama. Bong Goo then tells Jae Ha everything.

And I used to feel nothing much for Shi Kyung. I think he let John Mayo I know his name, I just refuse to say it blackmail him for now because he still thinks he can salvage the situation and outwit the latter.

Whichever, I still don’t buy that he would have been unprofessional enough to let that slip Going by the Book Korean Movie. Gap Dong Korean Drama.

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Thank you for listening. I agree with you that there was no need for the pregnancy and maybe sexfeels so redundant in the end. Mama J April 14, at 2: Also the bed clothes? Publicly, Hang Ah went back because N.


She thinks Jae Ha resents her now as well. Jae Ha works on better himself and gets Hang Ah to forgive him. I think they just fell asleep together on the bed. I think it was implied, but I’m actually not completely sure either: She stammers a what-is-this, only he answers more the who-are-you version: But this, a loss of life, a precious life created by him and his beloved, must have really hit home.

A lot of literature focuses on the importance of that relationship between father and child, and how the loss of such a figure causes a character to act in a certain manner. Then start from the last few pages. You’re Beautiful Korean Drama. Indirectly, he is showing her love.

My head is in the mess and my heart in the throat. In the room, Jae-shin suddenly starts to panic.

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Five Enough Korean Drama. I am sorry for asking that but with” spending the night together”, you mean they had sex??? Hexrts Locker Girl Korean Movie. He walks into his empty, darkened room, and finds his funeral suit hanging there, in wait. The phone could have been linked at the celltower. Another blogger who loves TK2H and who embeds the raw videos on her blog http: His mother tells him teh he cannot give up like this. If that doesn’t seal a definite friendship, then nothing will do.

My Way Korean Movie.

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