If to men, not to God, we now must pray, tell me, Secretary, tell me, who are these men? What can I do for you? The New York Times. What was assumed to be sympathy for Magda the protagonist in the ‘s given her marriage to a freedom fighter has now morphed into sympathy for her as a victim of a cruel and heartless bureaucracy. JOHN John beckons the two women to him. I must hurry or I’ll miss the pictures.

But we old people have seen too many tears, we have seen too much blood, we have seen too much betrayal. Arts Gian Carlo Menotti. The Magician rises and starts to take his place at the railing. She attempts to disguise the movement by pushing her hand through the streak in her hair. Well, if you’re not too long At his home, his wife Magda and his mother hide him. Give me a little smile. That day neither ink nor seal shall cage our souls.

Gian Carlo Menotti

Magda is desperate to see the consul. The Secretary goes to the mirror on the side wall. Search for recordings of The Consul at Amazon. Magda applies and joins the crowd, but the secretary cannot promise anything. I leave behind me nothing but sorrow, but I believe that God receives with kindness the empty handed traveller.

The police menoti to extract information from Magda on her husband’s compatriots, but she refuses. Magda cleans away the stains, hands back the shawl, for a moment is too exhausted to move, then forces herself to sit calmly at the table. Magda returns to her place, hastily trying to straighten her hair and menltti. Scarcely conscious of her actions, she removes synopsiw coat and hangs it carefully in place.


Not one among us of that I’m sure.

Tell him my need. Assan hurries from the room.

One must try not to remember, one must not think. Her telephone then rings, the secretary trying in vain to contact her. She seems dazed, moving like a sleepwalker, but there is a terrible sureness and determination about her movements MAGDA I never meant to do this The light changes so that aspect the room looks exactly as it did before.

The Magician Nika Magadofft. I am too alone to fight any longer. I have to leave menltti country at the end of the month. I want to see my child I’ll see what I can do.

There’s no bar nor chain to cross. She closes the window, shutting off the cries. Vera Boronel enters and crosses to the railing. And the reality is that director Peter Kazaras, known to me to be a decent, compassionate human being, has far too much respect for the music and for Menotti’s skill to go for cheap “Oh dear God will you look at how the government is crushing this poor woman” effects.

Where is my child? I shall swim for you river and sea. The last bit of light still catches the walls of the house on the street seen through the tthe But within the room nothing consuo but a circle menottti light from the candle at the head of the cradle.

Will they be doomed? Magda starts forward but goes back to get her handbag. In the intervening 64 years there has been a decided turn against government in general and the bureaucracy in particular. No home nor grave for him who dies on land. He rushes from one dancer to the other, awakening them Wake up! That day neither ink nor seal shall cage our souls.


One by one, except for Mr Kofner, the people rise in place It is God’s gift to me, this ever flowering earth. And I know a way that we could both be happy. JOHN I must try to cross the frontier.

John Sorel rushes into his apartment; he has been shot in the leg during a revolutionary meeting. He is making every effort to synopsiz charming and friendly.

As she bathes and cleans the wound Is this the only place? I said, sign here! A message then arrives from John urging Magda to hurry with the visa. You should be ashamed of yourself. What does he want from you? An unidentified European totalitarian country. This is the dawn menotgi my wedding day. After all, I’m Nika Magadoff!

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Tell him the house is watched. Art is the artist’s only passport. John drops the handbag, digs frantically for his gun, and starts toward the synopsi.

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