Eryn did great for her first pageant. Not only are audience members in shock, but some of them become scared when she grunts, grunts and grunts. Oh please, please watch and recap! Adventures include a helicopter tour of the island, a sail aboard a swanky ship and swimming with dolphins in Fuik Bay. Hannah gives a clean performance with her usual gymnastic moves. Every time I try it kicks me off. Rayven practices her speech in front of Kim and Addison is giving her the nastiest looks. Love Kim the most!

You still do when that makeup is off so watch it. So lifetime can suck it. Hey Jess thanks for the info and comment! She can be one nasty heifer, that disqus. Emily returns to the U. Lifetime is acting like a shady boyfriend who will break up with you by text. I like your analogy of the dessert missing from Thanksgiving and feeling cheated. Emily and her eight remaining suitors visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, where one gets to enjoy a picturesque dinner with her in an ancient fort.

She asks Eryn if she would be interested in doing a pageant. You can watch the final episode or the other 7 that aired in the US, except 5 which they currently have no links to on watchseries for free:.

Season 8, Episode 8 July 2, I do not see it On Demand yet. How did Rayven win the speech category? It seems many southern gal are big, loud mouthed and have dark hair. Hannah gives a clean performance with her usual gymnastic moves.

Both are overwhelmed by the pig smell. Of course Eryn is happy and Kim is ready to leave the fragrance of pigs behind and go home. After the rose ceremony, 16 contestants are left.


She needs to write a book.

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I get nothing but an error message. Following an evening that includes a particularly volatile cocktail party, 13 guys are still standing. Recaps Au Revoir Trashies. Is she married and is her Dad alive? The girls perform their talents and no one is outstanding. They have good bones, great hair and are hard-working. So glad I am not the only one who is pissed.

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Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything. Terri is clearly a pageant hater:. The company that owns lifetime rights in Canada are cheap S. Can I back track my life ok,2 decades and have Kim be my big sister?

That horrid dance show is always the same as the American one I wish this one was as well. You can watch the final episode or the other 7 that aired in the US, except 5 which they currently have no links to on watchseries for free: I pay around that much for Dish and internet.

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Lifetme is acting like it aired, if you go to the Lifetime page for Kim of Queens! Like I said, I still love bacheporette trashy shows for the escape that some reality TV shows bring but this one is a breath of fresh air. She starts cracking and bawling while she says all this.


In Curacao, Emily must choose between her final two suitors in the Season 8 conclusion. No luck at all. However, wrap up the show with a finale!

viedobull Then, it’s back to Los Angeles for another rose ceremony. Hannah said she does have one thing she wanted to talk about that one knows about but her mom. I think those campaigning to keep this show on the air need to go as big as possible with this videobul etc. George with her, and eight others compete at a Yacht Club of Bermuda regatta. Later, one of the guys becomes upset for not getting an individual date, while another takes it upon himself to sneak out of the hotel for some forbidden alone time with Emily.

Hannah cannot think of anything and throws a couple of things out there, but one is already taken and the other little people?!!! Kim and Terri get into an obviously staged fight where they talk about which is more important: Eunice wants her to tap dance AND sing bzchelorette the very same time!

Is the finale tonight?

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