Resources No matter where you are on your theatrical journey, our innovative production resources will enhance your show experience! They meet Anna Antonelli who has sold the Rink and is today flying off to Rome free of the responsibilities of running the Rink. Although she had served briefly as a replacement in the musical Chicago in , Liza Minnelli returned to Broadway in her own show for the first time in 12 years with The Act, which opened in New York on October 29, There When I Need Him. Nobody’s tearing this place down. As Mother and Daughter embrace, the past and the Rink are lifted up and away. Anna tries to explain that it’s not just the Rink, the whole Amusement Park is coming down. She wants everything left as it was.

As Mother and Daughter embrace, the past and the Rink are lifted up and away. And she looks for what she has in drawers. Streams Videos All Posts. Ryan Scott Oliver , Matthew Murphy. It is now or never. Samuel French The Act.

Director’s and Choreographic Guides. Putting It Together Broadway Version. It’s the Strangest Thing. Arthur In The Afternoon.

Teenage punks carrying radios roam the park with the threat of violence. There When I Need Him. Samuel French perusals are intended to be used for finding the perfect show to fit kandeg theater, casting pool, and resources.

They cannot be used to xnd auditions, produce the show without a license, or find hhe music for a separate performance. We Can Make It. It is the 60s and she sings of her journey to the West Coast and her own experience among the flower-power hippie movement.


Jackson wonder what happened to the old days and Angel learns that Anna has been brutally mugged right on the boardwalk. The rink becomes an extra arena in which mother and daughter examine their past, present kandwr future.

As a result, the score failed her, and that’s what one gets on a cast album which is little more than a Minnelli solo recording with the thinnest indication that the performances derive from a book musical. He was exposed to music at an early age. Cast Size Cast Size 5m, 2f.

The Act | Samuel French

The lie, like a nightmare, evolves into a quintet. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Anna begs Angel to forgive her. Mother and Daughter are at it again.

In general, she abandons acg, and does not pay attention to all those gifts, which he sends her the fruit baskets and gifts. The musical arrangements and witty libretto will undoubtedly enthrall audiences and send them home humming a tune or two.

New York, New York. And now she stands at her cold and lifeless kitchen, drinking and smoking.

It is Angel’s daughter. Alone, the young “widow” tries to raise her daughter and deal with thee own deep emotional needs while Angel in her room hears her mother and the men in the night. Minnelli sings the songs with her synoopsis verve, vanishing only for “Little Do They Know” and its reprise, a song that addresses the star-vehicle nature of the project.


She won’t give up her dream, her coloured lights. Liza Minelli took Broadway by storm in this “concept musical” about a Las Vegas nightclub performer named Michelle Craig, a has been movie star now trying to make a comeback.

There Goes The Ballgame. Synopsis Act 1 Angel Antonelli is discovered with suitcase and knapsack at a bus station. Filled with humor, romance, abd and nonstop melody, this title is a thrilling celebration of life and the fighting spirit that keeps us all going.

It is the late 70s.

The World Goes ‘Round

And anyway, it’s time to change an life and lead a new one without the ghosts of past husbands. She intends to get a court order to stop the demolition.

The World Goes ‘Round: Show Essentials Music by. She named her Anna.

One day she comes home, full of thoughts that it is time to have to change her melancholic mood for something really different and cheerful.

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