Eighty-five years ago, on March 23, , Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his two comrades-in-arms, Shaheed Rajguru and Shaheed Sukhdev were hanged in Lahore by the British colonial government. A bloody summer of protest in Kashmir has been met with a ruthless response from Indian security forces, who fired hundreds of thousands of metal pellets into crowds of civilians, leaving hundreds blinded. A man who kills another human being is a murderer, plain and simple, and he is liable to the same punishment regardless of his religion. His letter to Prof Appa Rao, the newly appointed vice-chancellor of the university who was once believed to be anti-Dalit by the government, shows that at the time of his suicide, he was angry, upset and depressed. More than seventy people died in the attack, at least twenty-nine of them children, and more than three hundred people were wounded. They killed university students this time. Governments and demagogues constantly appeal to this base sentiment to control and direct citizens and mobs. Even where punishments are meted out the big fish are let off while the foot soldiers get punished.

The bombast is over, at least one hopes it is. In , a Pakistani film-maker called Akhtar Kardar directed a film called Jago Hua Savera The Day Shall Dawn , which brought together creative film-making talent across the Indian subcontinent the way it used to before Independence in , and which is now fast becoming unimaginable. Even where punishments are meted out the big fish are let off while the foot soldiers get punished. We will uproot these mullahs Muslims from the roots and throw them away. There is more than one spectre haunting modern Europe: They point out the anti-Sikh riots in in Delhi and other states; and various communal incidences that took place when Congress Party was in power. A billion lunar years. Cellphones, emails, social media went wild:

The fact that the professor was not given a buruan to explain the serious charges leveled against him was also strongly rebuked by the High Court. But if one recalls the praise showered on the racial policies of the Nazis by none other than Guru Golwalkar, one of the founders of the RSS, the similarities become clearer. THE oligarchy which runs Pakistan, often called the establishment, is in a quandary.

In the subsequent few hours, these soldiers of Charlie Company would go on to kill over villagers — men, women, children and infants. This tiny dab of honey ended the most thari non-violent battle against injustice that India has seen in the last half-century.


Nationalism that developed in India during the anti-colonial struggle was sui generis, an altogether new phenomenon the like thxru which the world had not seen earlier. I thought the Muslims were the only anti nationals in this country.

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Get ready for four years of unrelenting assaults on reproductive rights, minority rights, police brutality, health care and the reduction of public spending in the service of tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy. The vicious killing of another secular activist in Bangladesh is a grave reminder that the authorities are failing to protect people exercising their right to freedom of expression, Amnesty International said. Most cover themselves only with a thin cotton lungi.

The problem is that whatever it says through its diplomats abroad — and with however much energy — the world insists on perceiving Pakistan as an ideological state wedded to exporting jihad.

And Colombo has descended to business as usual. On May 18, Canada finally apologized for the Komagata Maru episode. The elected government or the security establishment? The rest of the script played out like an old tired farce.

But, there, the similarities would have ended. To pretend to extract non-existent gas requires extraordinary skill and sleight.

Buran The Movie !

Inquiries made by SabrangIndia reveal that this is the matter before a judicial enquiry that is pending. Perhaps I would have also recognized a few of the scars left over from a childhood spent in poverty.

In we lost Daya Varma. In mullon ko jad se ukhaad phenke ge hum…We want revenge and we will achieve this vengeance. Hardly two years ago, Modi was a pariah in the eyes of the US Government that had refused to grant him a visa for nine long years on the grounds of violation of bjrhan freedom.

Besides the fact that incidences of communal violence have actually increased in the year to from init would be simplistic equate the incidences of violence merely on the basis of statistics. Erroneously remembered today as a writer of tales for children, Swift was in fact a fierce political satirist and fabulist, with a touch of misanthropy.

In one case, the officer on reaching the spot, after getting a call from Dial, hurled abuses at the female complainant: The weakness of the Indian judicial system, which has rarely brought to justice anyone other than mere foot soldiers, in cases of communal violence, is well known.

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The Supreme Court will, on Buurhan, October 18 begin final hearing on a batch of petitions that could, potentially have far reaching consequences on the purity of the electoral process and the interpretation of the Indian Constitution. A simple equation differentiates democracies from authoritarian systems.


By attacking these mystics minstrels, the militants have not only attacked the pluralistic foundation of our country but have also shamelessly shown their contempt for our culture and customs.

The place has long stretches of grass where families spend their leisure time eating home-made food over a spread bedsheet, or go boating in the lake, or explore the maze of inner Lahore or take joy rides in electric gondolas.

Everybody knows the fight was fixed: A man who kills another human being is a murderer, plain and simple, and he is liable to the same punishment regardless of his religion. Some of you may recall that three years ago there were a spate of students suicides—once again mostly dalits. The latest victim of this campaign is the respected human-rights organization Amnesty International, which has been accused of sedition in a lawsuit filed in a court in Bangalore simply because Amnesty sponsored a meeting on Kashmir in which victims of violence by the Army and police recounted their stories.

Opening her eyes after a million light years, Draupadi, strangely enough, sees sky and moon.

Across Bijapur, Sukma and Narayanpur, people have taken thar sleeping in the jungle at night or migrating en masse to Telangana to escape dawn raids and the mass round-ups. Any real progress must entail the U. Still less did she have the makings of the political and social icon that she has rapidly become in the four days since her death.

Right-wingers across the world, including some in the Indian diaspora, are jubilant.

This denial was based on the pogrom of minority Muslims in Gujarat in when Modi was Chief Minister and directly in-charge of the police and the law and order machinery. Mission 64 is in the bag and the BJP alliance looks set to notch up more than 80 burhwn in the member Assembly.

Anti-incumbency does not adequately explain such a dramatic verdict.

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