Thank you for your offer and work. Perhaps Criterion would like to make available a PayPal donation page for voluntary funding for their work. September 29, at 2: It is a great film, indeed! The contents of a bank account can indeed be multiplied recursively and distributed at almost zero cost. That is the whole reason we have copyright law. Can you please tell me how I can actually watch Tarkovsky free online? If one man or woman invests time and labor to create something of value, is it just for someone else to take it for free, simply because they can?

Don Alex- Criterion are a SMALL, independent company, unaffiliated with any studio, that focuses almost exclusively on costly restorations of niche releases that would otherwise be under-represented or ignored by the mass market. Find some other way of earning an income. June 5, at So it really does come down to incentivization. I feel pretty strongly now that these disadvantages disabled me from growth as a knowledgeable person. August 16, at 8: April 15, at 1: October 8, at 8:

Stalker — Andrei Tarkovsky (Full Film with English Subtitles)

Archive All posts by date. January 18, at I have struggled to comprehend the world around me. July 12, at 8: It is simply financially unwise. Society does not grind to a halt if artists are no longer given an incentive to produce work.


I am assuming that the copyright holder made an agreement with Film Annex to monetize the films through ads. Take away the opportunity for someone like me to see films like these for free and I more than likely will never be buying DVDs of those titles in the future.

July 23, at 2: August 7, at 7: And now, at almost seventy years old, I feel at last coming to peace with the confused world around me.

There is no robust case in favor of intellectual property that relies solely on justice. To ignore them is to risk being eenglish up by industry propaganda into a moralistic frenzy.

You treat people as a means to an end in this case, the means of producing the cultureal works you want to consume rather than an end in themselves. July 14, at 8: August 12, at 2: October 7, at 7: You have to forgive me because I dare to disagree with you, and speak my mind about it. June 5, at January 22, at 4: Finally, I can hold my breath for your forgiveness.

Your analogy is false, but to it I offer another one. July 13, at Usbtitles was interminglednand confused. Dismissing artistic innovation from the copyright infringement argument is not only adolescent, its unethical. September 11, at 9: Thanks for the heads up.


Tarkovsky Films Now Free Online | Open Culture

July 15, at 4: August 18, at September 14, at July 15, at June 2, at He could no longer distinguish between his mother, his wife, and his lover. Everyone who has ever toiled at a job in exchange for a paycheck has done precisely the same thing. I am also very interested to know if they are subtitled in Spanish. August 22, at 4: Yes, the new posted links with Stalker split in two, have subtitles. July 8, at In a dark room, the proximity and definition equate a larger screen further away.

Piecemeal infringement is a tort. Pedro de Sousa Pereira says: July 19, at 3: But if there is no longer commerce in intellectual goods, there is no purchase for an argument for fairness sbutitles justice.

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