Fine, even if it is just business, he should have been sensitive to the fact the girls just lost their mother and he should have told them this in private. Marina is absolutely fabulous. So for that, we all thank you Qabacha!! Alright so in episode 5 we finally get answers to questions many have been wondering. I wonder if there has ever been a funnier robbery than the one played out in episode four. They really do remind the audience of Zara and Saaniya from the original Tanhaiyan. As a final episode, this one was enjoyable for most part. She gives a whole new meaning to the word natural.

But instead she very conveniently put the passport away and went away to have some fun with her Sania Khala, way to go girl! She would have gone after him with clinched fists for blocking her car on the street. Clearly I have more questions than Saaniya! Member feedback about Lux Style Awards: Overall, in these days of serials with self-conscious heavy-handed social messages, I really enjoyed the simplicity and sincerity with which this story was narrated. She finally had her husband back after so many years.

Apparently had Serena not stopped her, she had the potential to be even more badtameez. This is a list of Pakistani dramas. The serial ends with the whole family together at Zeenia and Zarak’s engagement. First of all we need more on air time then just minutes of Mona.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Desi Rants N Raves

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The awards were created and masterminded by Naheed Chowdhry who headed the Unilever Lux team at the time. Completely agree with you Aeman LSA tow banta hai. Here the respect that is given to elders must also be mentioned. What happens to Sheheryar Munawwar when he has to speak for more than 2 minutes is beyond me.


Around 30 awards are given annually. Or, was the estrangement between the sisters a recent thing? Someone had actually referred me to Haseena Moin for Ajnabi. Saniya blames Zain for Zara’s demise but he explains that he never stopped peisode her, the pair later make peace.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 4

After 27 years, a sequel named “Olper’s Tanhaiyan: How does he not to talk to her about selling the house she is clearly attached to? We also learn then that he speaks to Zeenia in the same tone that he used to speak to Zara in. The humor in his scripts is real. Email required Address never made nage. The loneliness is a Pakistani drama serial which is now considered a cult classic. The episode ends with a visibly happy Saaniya when she sees Qabacha.

The sisters were fabwith Serena being my fave, she really fit the bubbly caring sister beautifully and yes her and kishmish were dwsi

Agree with all of you ,this would have been tanhayan except for so much focus on the zenia zarak track, I feel others did not get enough attention both in the finale and throughout. Member feedback about 12th Lux Style Awards: Juxtaposed against all the heavy moments and sadness were unexpected moments of hilarity and warmth. Member feedback about Sheheryar Munawar: Txnhaiyan says their mother was very sweet and she is happy when she misses her as her memories are like a fresh breath of air for her and starts crying.

Zarak takes a shine to Zeenia but she initially rejects him. He has lwst lead role in the television drama series Deewana produced by Hum TV. Then she appeared in Main Abdul Qad Along with Shahroz, his now better half Syra was the show stealer here. This drama will be missed and I hope we get to see more of these type of warm, light hearted drama serials on our screens.


Uff, kab baney gi Kishmish ki film?! Also lash only does Qabacha bring his flair to the serial, he also gets to the bottom of the epixode for all who were wondering about Zara and Faraan Uncle. Her father worked for the Pakistan Air Force and the family had to relocate almost every two years depending upon his job assignment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Indeed, Qabacha was the star of the show today.

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Hassan again hid the truth from 1st and 2nd wife. Needless to say the senior pair had done it 10 times better! Khoe hue maqam ko haasil karna bohut mushkil hota hai; aur agar rishton mein daraarein per jaen silsilag faasle barh jate hain, aur rishte mit bhi sakte hain.

This play was the earliest of Behroze’s plays and introduced him to the TV viewers throughout Pakistan in early seventies.

Oh and like I said in my very first line, I miss Tariq Road and its chat especially Zafar cold corner and the shopping. Thanks for reviewing this one you cover it so beautifully. He has a frozen face.

Even later when they were taking a stroll in the lawn it seemed real. The entire younger generation is actually doing a great job.

Sareena becomes close to Iltatmish, often playing tahaiyan on him in the same manner as Saniya did with Qabacha 27 years ago.

Awesome background music at that time by the way! Member feedback about Khuda Mera Bhi Hai: Faraan uncle said that dialogue so well…very beautifully delivered.

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