The Distribution Management Center is lead materiel integrator that supports operations for global Army requirements. McNamara Life Science Research Facility This facility contains a wide variety of inhalation chambers to test toxicants. It s wide-range of capabilities include: Plant products and services are available to other government agencies, defense contractors and foreign allies. In its plus year history as an ammunition management and development facility, TEAD has established the infrastructure, specialized workforce and proven procedures necessary to meet today s technological challenges quickly and effectively. The center s mission is to empower, unburden and protect the warfighter by providing superior armaments solutions that dominate the battlefield. The laser cutting fixture cuts sheet metal patterns that are later formed with the fluid cell flex press or power brakes before they are put on a helicopter.

Brian Carter, allied trade specialist assigned to nd Support Maintenance Company, rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, welds beams together for future use in repairing shipping containers for ammunition during Operation Overblast at Tooele Army Depot, Utah. Breech and Tube Fatigue Test Facility Watervliet Arsenal s facility provides the capability of duplicating firing pressures in its breech mechanism and tube test facilities. Some components are critical repair parts that support TACOM s supply chain, including engines, alternators and axles. Army Reserve Command and U. Environment for Auditory Research This auditory perception and communication research center permits state-of-the-art simulation of various indoor and outdoor acoustic environments. The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command SDDC uses a common computing environment to help them book, ship, track and bill transportation more efficiently. The center is a multi-functional ammunition facility with its support and services being extended to all branches of the military and other agencies. RDECOM s core functions include delivering technological expertise, systems engineering discipline, analytical capabilities and collaborative reach, as well as delivering organic concepts and requirements-driven research, development and engineering capabilities.

Army Materiel Command s responsibility for war reserve stocks, to include the Persian Gulf region. A combat multiplier, ACC has the capability to deploy anywhere in the world on short notice to provide operation contract support planning, contract policy and oversight, contract execution, contract administration and contract surveillance in support of deployed forces. ARL, a subordinate of U. This mission is vital to Army readiness, since the equipment can be reset as needed and used to fill unit shortages, as well as Foreign Military Sales and ongoing combat operations.

Plant products and services are available to other government agencies, defense contractors and foreign allies. The Explosive Destruction System This mobile treatment system treats explosive and non-explosively configured chemical weapons recovered during remediation efforts at the arsenal.

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Ammunition and Equipment Testing Range TEAD has a unique test range, which enables destructive or nondestructive testing on ammunition and high explosives. The lab s research continuum covers long-term and fundamental research that explores new technologies.

The facilities include extensive test and maintenance, and hangars. Through a cohesive team of experts, the th Transportation Brigade links strategic warfighter surface-movement requirements with commercial capability. Manning these organizations is a workforce of more than 61, dedicated military and civilian employees, and another 60, contractors, many with highly developed specialties in weapons development, manufacturing and logistics.


ACC-RI has trained a cadre of military personnel to deploy on a rotational basis to Kuwait in support of contract administration. To maintain operational focus and relevance, TARDEC develops and sustains a number of critical core competencies and capabilities. The major Army Commands also have contractual responsibilities, depending upon their mission requirements. All are essential to the U. Army photo by David Kamm U. These refurbishment methods include system overhaul, recapitalization and reset of ground support equipment.

Equipment is also available to thermally coat munitions. These materiel management functions support strategic equipment on-hand readiness for contingency forces and operations across the Army. Operational Simulation Analysis Center A comprehensive modeling and simulation facility, which integrates ARDEC engineering, operational, logistics and visualization capabilities as well as external Army capabilities through the use of distributed simulation technologies.

Chi, both parachute riggers with Task Force Lifeliner, observe a contracted aircraft as it lifts up a generator during sling load operations to supply forward operating bases, at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. These acquisitions consist of a wide range of products and services, to include state-of-the-art technology and complex weapon systems. Gregg Moore Blue Grass Army Depot BGAD provides America s joint warfighters reliable, timely and cost-effective munitions and chemical defense equipment in support of full spectrum military operations, and is also responsible for safeguarding the remainder of the national chemical weapons stockpile until demilitarization.

ECBC provides chemical surety and biological materiel management services and supports homeland security initiatives through training and technical assistance programs. The Rapid Response System This mobile treatment system treats recovered chemical agent identification set items. Army photo The Aviation Center Logistics Command ACLC provides full spectrum maintenance, supply and contractor oversight to ensure availability for all aviation training mission requirements in support of Army aviation training objectives.

TYAD personnel provide two-level maintenance on systems such as improvised explosive device countermeasures, logistics information systems, tactical operations centers, Army airborne command and control, Guardrail Common Sensor, Firefinder, Common Ground Station, tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, and communication security equipment at sites throughout Europe; Southwest Asia; Korea; Okinawa, Japan and the continental United States.

National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex Platform Integration Laboratory This wind tunnel is used for basic and applied research in aeromechanics on advanced testing of full scale rotorcraft.

RFECs integrate and synchronize military technology to regional activities of the ITCs and FAST advisors in building relationships to advance science, engineering and technical capabilities in areas relevant to U.

To the north, the installation is bordered by Pelham Range, a 20,acre training range operated by the Alabama National Guard. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command E. Army Research Laboratory, uses highspeed motion sensor OptiTrack cameras mounted around the test area to monitor a mechatronic arm exoskeleton s effect on simulated shooting. In three different overseas locations, self-contained machine shops, Mobile Parts Hospitals have been set up with the capability to build any small parts a warfighter needs.

Pine Bluff Binary Destruction Facility The facility treats and destroys binary precursor chemicals that remain stored at the arsenal as a result of the binary chemical weapons program. Brian Carter, allied trade specialist assigned to nd Support Maintenance Company, rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, welds beams together for future use in repairing shipping containers for ammunition during Operation Overblast at Tooele Army Depot, Utah.


Software Engineering Directorate SED SED provides state-of-the-art software support to non-tactical government agencies and programs, and remains an expert in the Seaon s policies and practices regarding cyber security, Information Assurance, software reuse, software metrics, post deployment software support, process improvement, computer resource margins analysis and risk management.

The OIB manufactures and seazon our Army s equipment, directly generating readiness and operational capability in our brigades and throughout the Army s formations. ACC-RI has the talent and capability to execute and administer contracts in support of Army requirements anywhere around the world. Pacific Command to conduct the full range of military operations.

From helicopters to missiles, systems engineering and technical assistance, research and development to technology and engineering, ACC-RSA ensures Soldiers have what they need to be successful.

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The organization also manages the issue, inventory and certification of protective mask testers and calibration of CDE test equipment.

Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command TACOMprovides comprehensive acquisition, contracting, business advisory, production support and depot-level maintenance services.

They also have unique expertise with executing grants, cooperative agreements, and other transaction agreements. Letterkenny Army Depot was established in as an ammunition and general supply storage depot. Ammunitions Operations PBA s flexible production team allows for the efficient and quality production of a variety of smoke, illuminating and non-lethal munitions. Its mission is to provide joint forces with ready, reliable, lethal munitions at the right place and time to sustain global operations.

The activity has a long history of producing pyrotechnic items, countermeasures and a variety of other ordnance items dating back to the s. The Future Operations branch manages planning and orders development; coordinates efforts with national-level partners, expeditionary sustainment commands and theater sustainment commands; links the ASC sustainment visions with the Army commands, Corps G-4s and operations executors; develops plans and oversees the orders process; and conducts long-range calendar development.

With a wealth of contracting expertise, ACC professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of contracting support to all of their customers, whenever and wherever needed. The brigade has two battalions: The location has more than 5, acres of developable land. Natick s research, development and engineering of novel materials and fibers has led to the creation of new combat uniforms and Soldier equipment that are lighter, more durable and more threat-resistant than anything Soldiers have ever worn.

Manufacturing and Engineering TEAD s engineering and technology team delivers a wide range of solutions for ammunition, hazardous materials and routine manufacturing to clients worldwide. This capability increases readiness and reduces turnaround time.

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