For you to step out of line. They want to believe that the king will protect her, but Professor Jung evades their questions and confirms the opposite. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. But the leader of the petition and the one person Sun-joon really wants to see is nowhere to be found. They only had one scene together! Thank you for everything, like what redpill wrote. Soompi has softsubs for ep. Thank you valuing education.

I am clueless too!!! The sometimes questionable editing, the inconsistencies particularly in the strange cross between day and night scenes , the underdeveloped characters Kang-moo, who are you? Where did you hear this? Therefore, he offers to go to her house on their next holiday and meet her family. And for you to throw me away as well. For the first time, she can actually be a girl on the outside and face Sun-joon honestly. I love you all!

I would have really loved to see what would have happened to chosun and Insoo and even his sister!

D That would support the idea of the king’s idea of the new Joseon, in which both men and women could teach and be equals. Somebody addressed this point somewhere: As further proof of his determination to protect Yoon-hee, the king burns the geumdeungjisa before her eyes. For the first time, she can actually be a girl on the outside and face Sun-joon honestly. Thank you for everything, sungkyunkwwn what redpill wrote.


You made my day!! NcNeo November 12, at 8: So I wanted to sungkyunkawn you to forgive me.

Bang Joon Seo Supporting Cast. Some people are saying that’s just a rumour, I’m not sure if it’s actually been confirmed officially. Btw, I found this link on MJS and thought of sharing it with you and hopefully can help you with the withdrawal pangs Although I don’t know what happens to her little bro because of that Love The Glue Yong-ha Along with, if she’s a male teacher, what happens when she has babies?

Boy, you smile so easily now. Thank you so much!!

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Maybe future projects on the Quartet They should have given them a get together at the end Of course the following morning, Sun-joon is disgruntled that Yoon-hee chose to sleep in a room full of boys, and this leads to more cute bickering.

I want at least 20 minutes worth of bloopers! For many reasons, I felt that he was really the one that made this show special. However I think Sun-joon’s father made a brilliant political play here. Not to save your people? My only consolation is that the quartet will have their future projects sooner or later and I got something to look forward to I return the warning you once gave me.

What follows is a drinking session for our Jal-geum Quartet. Even though 4 more episodes would have been too much for Micky to do, i think even 1 more episode or a half-hour longer last-episode would have smoothed some parts out.


Enter twirling Yong-ha who tries to tag along for the reunion with Yoon-hee — only to be stopped by a more tactful Jae-shin who sends Sun-joon alone. Kim Min Seo Supporting Cast. Sun-joon takes to wallowing in the dark, which is how his father finds him. They really did a great job. I’m having alot of fun watching the drama!! Awesome — so they really extended Sungkyunkwan Scandal to 20 episodes?

How funny sunngkyunkwan Yonhee was tapping him Isn’t it a politically expedient decision scandsl align his family and himself now and potentially in the future, with the King AND still be with the Norons?

They only had one scene together! Using glib words and the fact that episoxe of the scholars is actually a distant uncle, he manages to befuddle then win over the men by spouting Confucian teachings. Thank you again for your hard work!!! Thanks Sungkyunkwan Scandal for everything Love you SKK Scandal and you’ll be missed.

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He glued the quartet together, and was always there to save the day. Minister Ha once again seeks out Cho-sun. Thanks Red for a great recap

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