It fills the sensibilities much more than it pulls at the heartstrings. Ha Hyo-eun Tae Soo Jun Choi Dong Joon Supporting Cast. He recite all the trials and tests they will be subjected to, and a litany of transgressions for which they can acquire demerit points. Im Young Pil Supporting Cast. She is a valuable asset to its owner, a nasty woman who has a retinue of private thugs.

He is shown as a superb scholar with radical perspectives. Moon Geun-soo Yeong-bae Kim They are the ones who touch my life, even bring me needed courage at times. Similar to Garang, Yeorim also once had to deal with his strong fascination over another male, Gul-oh, but which does not bother him now. Park Yoochun Main Cast. Park Geun Soo Supporting Cast. Can she keep up the charade long enough to get the education she desires and keep her emotions at bay?

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TV Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 6. Ahn Do-hyeon Geun-soo Park We have, what is, a very handsome scanadl smart asexual young man. I love that scene! To shoot or not to shoot. Choi Dong Joon Supporting Cast.

Yikes, best be off. One of them, Stigma Yim Jae Bumwill have its own post here one of these days. I’m still really really iffy about Micky. Please stay healthy and thank you very much. He shouts his challenge out, hollow it may be. Yu Chang-ik Hyo-rim Seo If Yong Ha is here in this dorm, does this mean that he is Soron? Was it made just to make money? Ah, she is so righteous! In sungkyumkwan conversation Seolhwa reveals that she syngkyunkwan only for the day.

Song Sunbkyunkwan Ki comes across as an intellectual to me, a sort of an academician, someone who loves learning but just happens to have a beautiful sungkyunkwwn.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal Volunteer Team. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Solely for our viewing pleasure, for I can fathom no other reason for this parade of sartorial delicacies. The crime-storylines cannot be underestimated also, especially the last case, on which I really gave my full attention to.

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He offset his father in this encounter when he answered resolutely that from now on he would do things his own way.

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As for Seolhwa, I envy her capacity for springing back to life, for her resilience, her matter-of-fact acceptance of what cannot be changed, and her insistence in ploughing through hopelessness just to get to the other end.

Instead of just concentrating on the enclosed square space he expanded the area, making a bigger square that encloses the original one. So I thought that instead of just commenting at his looks why not talk about the drama where I first admired the way he projected a character, that of young King Lee Do side by side with a respected veteran, Mr.

She braces herself, takes off her own shoes, and marches in….

Jeong Yak-yong Sung-ha Jo I have another post about this drama, speaking of why I like it, please click here. From then on she has successfully attached herself to their gang. Your original face is beautiful. Have your say Cancel reply Enter your comment here He treats Yoon Hee very differently from the way he treats Sun Joon. His father destroyed a 3 x 3 formation to show him his own solution to that pattern. Ryu Dam Supporting Cast. This film was based on the same novel as Painter of sungkyukwan Windabove, was.

All of their performance seemed good. Park Geun Soo Supporting Cast.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

That was memorable because I had not been able to laugh that loud and long about anything for many years now. 81a look forward to watching your other roles. Oops, sorry, sungkyunkwann carried away… Yoon Hee: Kim Mi Kyung Supporting Cast. He attempts to think outside of the box, so to speak. And Sun Joon looking pained by his mirthful servant just cracks me up.


Instead of making me happy to see your face again, it would make me sad, even if your role is funny. You see, for quite a while now I have marveled at the quantity and quality of dramas produced in your country. They rush in, only to barge into Hyo Eun in her undergarments. I can sense his finesse and gentleness. Aw, two hot young men posturing as they dispute politics, so cute. The opposing faction, Soron, are also indignant. Where do the depths lie? This is not just fun-loving mischief, as feeling up Yoon Hee in a clinch and teasing her might be see epsode episode.

It is Yoon Hee. Almost everyone here is trapped by circumstances xungkyunkwan are striving for some sort of restitution. However, like his older brother he is an excellent writer, and has read all the books in the library.

He opens with small talk on which Sun Joon eavesdrops intently about her first breakfast at Sungkyunkwan being the first step to qualify to sit for the State Exam.

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