The movie is targeted for kids aged 3 years and above. Watch this episode to know how it happened. By Singh Started June 23, Watch this short but cute rhyme on how the mouse takes his revenge. Nikka Baal A kid has closest relationship with the mother but is adored by every member in the family. Original DVD can be purchased online from http: You just need to take hold of some angs and turn to a random ang.

Next animated projects is already in works and due for release nect year. The tension did mount, but Lahore remained free from any communal incidents. Sunday, May became a landmark day in history of Sikh Movies. This page is a path-breaking step by Vismaad to make its movies available online. Fun way to learn Punjabi at the right age. The Sikhs resented the restriction on kirpan which was, one of their religious symbols, and launched an agitation against the ban on 1 January

Please keep doing this because people like you will bring us back to where we need to be. Kids will love to watch over and over again. The animated rhyme is one of the most popular Punjabi rhymes on Youtube that speaks about the love and affection of grandmothers.

In April the Unionist party representing sections of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs formed the ministry under Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan, who claiming his ministry to be neutral in character, made it clear sunvri the Onlibe that their claim in the Shahidganj case could not be accepted arbitrarily.

Sun, November 15, 9: It’s just a tip of an iceberg. Since then it had remained in the possession of the Sikhs as a sacred place.

Sundri: The Brave Kaur

Inspirational characters come to life in charming animation which acts as a portal to transport the viewer back through time. The Muslims’ appeal filed in the High Court was dismissed on 26 Januaryand a further appeal to the judicial Committee of the Privy Council met with the same fate on 2 May Leading Sikh personalities who have watched the movie believe that a copy of DVD should be a part of every Sikh household.


Jot Singh likes a toy car but Deep Kaur doesn’t agree to part with it. Register a new account. By Guest Questions Started August 2, It’s hilarious watching Roop Singh describe in his inimitable style a flying Ostrich and the havoc it creates.

You need to be a member in order to sujdri a comment. Then noline and take another hukamnama. Chinguacousy Auditorium was packed to capacity Over people watched the 8 screenings of the movie on May and May with most of the shows packed to capacity.

The movie depicts the story of the Sikh women during the tyrannical times of Mir Mannu who carried out large scale massacre of Sikhs. Apologies for repeating this, but we need support as the project is in jeopardy.

Although corn, potatoes, tomatoes were only discovered in americas and were not part of our diet. It continued uninterrupted for 20 days, but on 29 June a Muslim mob tried to enter the premises and, although they were successfully checked by the inmates, the Deputy Commissioner of Lahore, Mr S. The biggest thing achieved in this show was that all the people who can’t stand each other and have been fighting in past were crying together after the show.

This not only strengthens the family bonding but kids learn a lot from their life experiences. So if most of what makes a culture: Never before was any movie on Sikh subject promoted on such a grand scale. Posted November 8, Meanwhile, the Muslims had filed, on 30 Octobera fresh suit for the possession of the Shahidganj Mosque. Let me know if I can be of help to you guys to arrange the screening of these shows in Melbourne GURU Rakha, Harpreet Singh ” The outer conditions of physical life remain unequal all the same, but the heart of man has, in the rich intoxication of the inner abundance of the Guru, become limitless in its givings and forgivings.

I feel truly blessed to initiate this thing in Perth with amount of Blessings sangat came with today at Gurudwara Sahib and number of jaikaaras that were raised after reading the above comments from hindu brother at the end of congregation. Birthday Wish Comes True The episode brings out the tradition and values of celebrating a birthday while remaining rooted to Gurmat.


By Amit12 Started February Posted October 23, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Our language has also changed. The Sikhs, considering that, after the decision of the courts in their favour, the reconstruction of the Gurdwara was their natural and legal right, resumed the demolition on 8 July despite the stay order.

Please be so kind as to purchase only original DVDs at www. It can be found online in english and panjabi.

Post Your Favorite Kirtan. Its definetly not static.

The bulk of the clearing work having been completed onlihe 7 Junethe demolition of the old building was taken in hand on 8 June. Here Mu’in ul-Mulk Mir Mannu, in Sikh chroniclesgovernor of Lahore duringraised a building shaped like a mosque sitting where the muftis, Muslim judges, gave their summary judgements after giving their victims a straight choice between conversion to Eundri and death.

The ban was withdrawn on 31 January Chhotaa Katura Sikhville brings funny Punjabi poems and short Punjabi songs for babies to simplify learning the Punjabi language.


Posted by Sukhwinder Singh at 5: Posted by Sukhwinder Singh at 7: To know how their mom manages to settle the situation, watch this episode A Day of Learning Today Jot Singh couldn’t hide his excitement. Jot Singh was eagerly waiting for Dadiji who returned from Punjab and she as usual had gifts for both the kids.

Sahibzadey This movie was the first 2D animated movie on Sikh History. Watdh November 29, The whole effort including financial contribution by Suneet Singh and team of volunteers was purely with seva motive, and not for profit.

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