Cardellos Jun 22 I’ve tried using files that found subtitles before. Remember position – VLC Extensions. Niwol Sep 30 Eldo Oct 28 AleksaD Nov 12

A general feedback on the last version would be appreciated, since they want to include VLSub in the next Vlc release. Cardellos Jun 22 May I do a false action? UTF-8 encoded string of the path is incompatible with code page of OS. Medo 22 Sep 05 My OS is windows 7 64bits.

I deleted it and re-copied the extension but it still doesn’t work as before. If I can ask you a feature,would be add a default subtitle option and the subtitle downloaded without extension language.

I’m using VLC 2. Slayerino Feb 24 Do you really want to report this comment?

The Suicide King subtitles English

BlueK Mar 11 Thanks for your work and your reactivity. Put the headline here.

AleksaD Nov 12 subtites The addon is working fine on my laptop which runs linux. It looks like the addon don’t even try to search for it.


No such file or directory Thanks. Deathmachine May 18 Support http chunked transfer encoding 2 years ago Fix broken extension after opensubtitles uses a new CDN comments.

Please login or register to add a comment. Remember position – VLC Extensions. Ragiowan Nov 09 I’ve tried using files that found subtitles before.

Stincjatclava Apr 22 So far it is not possible to handle properly paths with non-English characters. Schwarzkopf Sep 17 FracExebetche Apr 23 Abhishek May 06 Both methods worked without problem. Thx for the answer. Meldi Aug 16 Azpidatziak May 24 This time it gave me this new error: Danielbreezy May 23 Niwol Sep 30 Search and download subtitles from opensubtitles.

The Suicide King subtitles English |

Cardellos Jun 26 I have Windows 7 bit and it works fine. Cardellos Jun 22 Thanks for the quick reply! When i try to search legends it doesn’t appear any.

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