OnPause from xbmc I want to setup my macbook to my TV and easily be able to watch videos that I have locally. What I want to do is choose different playlists and have it run on shuffle so if I choose “Action” all the videos I have in that playlist run in a loop and shuffled or if I choose “Comedy” etc etc. How to save states? After upgrading to Gotham, there seems there is no more flag for films of this aspect ratio. I was reading a thread with this same title that was dated Any help would be great. Thread LanguageInvoker terminating

Some of them work with no issues, automatically, every time. In order to avoid this it would be great if one could define the number of items from which the list should start to wrap. It also runs only with 5 FPS, instead of the normal and the debug overlay in the upper left corner is moving. Kodi Community Forum – All Forums http: Fixing overlapping text when pressing ‘O’ Files: Hi to everyone, I want to put artist extrafanart images local images as background in the music visualization. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

Maybe too basic but need to know this to keep going Then one would define that the list should only wrap if it contains more than 7 items. And after, to appear like in the pics, what I have to do? Sync problem with Gotham did not exist with Frodo. All other flags show up whether 1. Some of them work with no issues, automatically, every time.

Subtitles – The Big Bang Theory S06E13 – Watch Online Full HD – TVSeries

Joystick 0 hat 1 Down Throry runs on Windows 7 x64 unfortunately. So I don’t know how to set the condition “if there’s no local images, look on fanart. Since wraping with less than 8 items would be of no use. Log was generated with All devices including the PC are on the Gotham Sugtitles I have everything working correctly but cant seem to work out why my thumbs and fanart will not display.


The Big Bang Theory, επεισόδιο: 6×13 – “Episode 13”

OnPause from xbmc So if one designs a view with a wraplist that shows for example up to 7 items. This happens with DXVA decoding. WaitOnScriptResult- plugin returned successfully I cant get xbmc to load on my android.

Are you the publisher? Thread LanguageInvoker terminating All credits go to authors of fixes, please post any more you find.

I just hit a brick wall in trying to get my tv show dvd collection scraped Seasons and volume,s confusion I’m not making this thread to annoy anyone, simply bahg create a place of reference for all known fixes until a Gotham version is released. Some videos not all are majorly out of sync since updating to Gotham.

The Big Bang Theory (2007) S06E13 – Brazilian subtitles

This does not happen with full CPU decoding. Claim or contact us about this channel.

Does anyone have any idea of why this is happening? It also runs only with 5 FPS, instead of the normal and the debug overlay in the upper left corner is moving. I’ve tried various methods of naming tags but haven’t found the one that will work and considering these ‘should’ all be the same format I’m confused. I know that several of the shows I have will have this issue as well Everything works fine on the PC but on the other devices, although the library shows up, when I hit play on a track nothing happens.


All I can really do is fast forward and rewind Sybtitles there a way to manual search of subs on this skin? Embed this content in your HTML. A couple of minutes ago I tried to replicate the error by playing The Big Bang Subtihles S06E13 from 1Channel video add-on, I have set subdivx as preferred service to search TV Show subtitles, when it searches it does find around 12 available files but when I hit enter to download any I get a pop up message in the low right corner that says Error: Any help would be great.

So basically “Volume 1” of american dad actually has several episodes from “season 2” on it These values look okay to me. My concern over not staying current is that some day, plugins like scrapers won’t work anymore How long will scrapers for Frodo be updated if the API changes? This also does not happen if I don’t use refresh rate switching.

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