I mean, I hate everyone in general, but black people especially. But Stinkmeaner knew that every black man’s spirit is weakened during a nigga moment. Your granddad’s nigga moment ain’t dead yet. No, it is not. Oh, that’s a conjunction. Some people are scared of zombies or vampires, but the thing that scare black people the most are niggas and nigga moments. Retrieved from ” https: Like when a nigga steps up on your sneaker and fucks up your kicks, or hits your car or some shit.

And I sent him to hell where he belongs. The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 4: Correct me if I am wrong, but in this episode there is no mention of Robert be reffered to as Mr. I want my parking space. Hey, I- That was my space. Add the first question. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. This page was last edited on 16 February , at

I had a bad dream about Talk and shoot at the same time, boy. Now, it’s date night and you know the rules. Get my motherfucking Uzi. If you can call that old stanky-booty gorilla noise “music. A nigga moment is when the mind of a perfectly logical black man is overwhelmed by some stupid nigga shit. And- And, Ruckus, you hate black people too. Nigga, get your black ass outta here. Tom, just don’t try to hurt me!


All the beds in this house and I got the possessed nigga in my bed. The one with the rhinestones.

If he gets really desperate, he may start to rap or dance. Bitches, so I removed the claim in Trivia section. And she probably a man.

You eat a dick, nigga, you eat a dick! I had forgotten, a nigga moment cannot be resolved through violence. He can’t hurt you or me or any of us, okay?

The Boondocks – Season 2, Episode 4: Stinkmeaner Strikes Back –

He trained like a beast. You should post more pics. Views Read Edit New section View history. He probably gonna beat up some retarded kids next. Ah, you niggas ain’t shit! Fuck with me, nigga, and I’ll be popping a trunk on your bitch ass, nigga. I must be crazy.

Jazmine Dubois voice credit only Ghostface Killah Ho’s love pictures, Granddad. You are commenting using your WordPress. What are you doing here? I watched it on youtube today.

The Boondocks S2 Ep4 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I think he realized that the fight was unnecessary elisode Stinkmeaner was blind and was only willing to fight because he was a mean person. Let’s get this party started. I’m starting to feel like Shemar Moore up in here. I’m gonna make it do what it do. Edit Storyline Colonel Stinkmeaner returns from Hell after making a deal with the Devil, and possesses Tom in order to take stin,meaner on Granddad.


My mama didn’t name “Ahhh. And I sent him to hell where he belongs. Granddad, you don’t skydive, you’re not Brazilian, and stinomeaner never was a member of G-Unit. If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this page, help out with the open tasksor contribute to the discussion. Why would he send a message from-?

The Boondocks 4 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

All right, here we go. What the fuck is wrong with you, Huey? You beat me in the parking lot. Get off me, you bitch ass, you faggot ass! If y’all was paying attention last season, y’all fupl what a nigga moment is. I want my parking space.

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