In the beginning of the War there were about 15, Jews in Berlin living an underground life, many with false identities, many passing as Aryan, none wearing stars. From Kristallnacht to Liberation”. The police dental ward was under-guarded and Stella took her chances and escaped. In , the Nazis declared that there were no more Jews in Berlin. Stella ended up as a lonely and depressed old woman. Having to face discrimination can make a person feel ashamed of who he or she is.

As the Soviets came closer to Berlin, Rolf attempted to escape to Denmark on his own. Check with theaters for subtitle information. Then someone in the group makes a smug joke, “What took her so long? The musical, he said, has been overall well received by the Jewish community in Berlin. An official had to prevent Stella from being beaten up but did allow her hair to be forcefully cut off. For the first time, the musical will premiere outside of Berlin, on October 21 at the Stadthteater Ingolstadt in Bavaria, directed by Texas native Brian Bell. This may be one of the only as yet untold stories set in Berlin during the War.

Like most Jews who lived in Berlin at the time, she was a result of Jewish assimilation into gentile life and culture For a week, the SS raided the factories in Berlin where Jews were working.

Stella ended up as a lonely and depressed old woman. Now, at the age of 93, her story has been turned into a film chronicling the lives of U-Boat Jews — so called because they tried to stay out of sight of the Gestapo. She would ask for help from old acquaintances, and when they swallowed the bait she would lead the Gestapo right to them.

She was also expected to initiate her own leads. She spends much of the war as a housekeeper for a German official and black marketeer, who often entertains Nazi commanders in his home.

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A scholarly book that describes different aspects of the holocaust. New accusations surface against Malka Leifer, alleging abuse in Israel. After the war, he was on the wanted list by the soviets, but they never managed to cover his tracks. I guide curious tourists through the Scheunenviertel “Barn Quarter”. She was an only child, pampered with beautiful dresses, adored and somewhat smothered by her golfschlag parents, especially by her father, Gerhard Goldschlag.

The Jewish Nazi-aid: Blonde Poison

Scene from the film ‘The Invisibles’. She came from a secular and well-assimilated family. Inthe Nazis declared that there were no more Jews in Berlin. However, since she had no actual information she was accused of faking and sent back to jail. Although the Goldschlag family was not the most glodschlag they had more privileged circumstances then East European Jews.


Immigrating without having financial abilities was nearly an impossible task. A victim of her identity crisis, Stella played the role of an Aryan by removing the Star of David from her clothes and was able to live illegally in hiding until she was turned over by a “catcher”. Giving up these benefits added to her unwillingness to quit being a “catcher” which is a result of being weak minded.

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Growing up in the goldschlab turmoil left Stella, along with her family and other German Jews, trying to prove her loyalty to Germany in an effort to counteract anti-Semitism From School Starlet to Underground Gal One of the key ways to survive in hiding, besides having food and shelter, was to have forged identification documents. Preventing Iran nuke is not the only strategy. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your access to the most informative and considered journalism in the UK.

Sometimes, when she suspected people to be Jewish, she would offer them help with food and shelter. Goldschkag the war ended, Stella went into hiding in the woods and heather of Brandenburg waiting for her prince, Heino, to come rescue her.

Her family was well off but not as affluent as other successful Jewish families because although her mother was a successful singer her father was a failed musician.

Starting September 16, Jews were not allowed to be seen in public without wearing a yellow Star of David patch, although eventually Stella stopped wearing the star except at work. Peter Wyden first met Stella in school in Berlin and developed a crush on her because of her beauty. Stella discovered she was pregnant in February by one of her lovers at the time, Heino. Also, her affair with Rolf turned sour when she all of a sudden discovered his homosexual tendencies”. It is remarkable to see how far one person is willing to go in order to survive.

Later on, Yvonne was trained as a nurse and immigrated to Israel. After about 7 months as a catcher, Stella was informed that her parents could not be held back from deportation any longer; both her parents and Rolf convinced her to stay in Berlin.


Her circle of friends went underground.

Then someone in the group makes a smug joke, “What took her so long? Stella managed to escape Burgstrasse after complaining of a toothache; she was arrested 12 hours later along with her parents. InPeter Wydena Berlin schoolmate whose family had been able to get visas for the US in and who later learned about Stella’s role as a “catcher” while he was working for the U. Back in Berlin Stella became part of the 18, “U-boats,” Jews who were illegally living in hiding in Berlin, ironically the same people she would betray Stella Goldschlag became a notorious “catcher” because she was confused as to her identity, had her self esteem beaten down, she was tortured, she wanted to protect her family and she was weak willed.

Stella started off as a victim of the same crimes she herself would soon perpetrate. Wyden suggests different reasons as to why her parents would have convinced Stella to stay in Berlin since they were aware of the large numbers of “illegal Jews” their daughter was turning over.

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Kushner speaks about peace plan, fuels election battles on Right. Jewish Survival Project Main Page. The musical, he said, has been overall well received by the Jewish community in Berlin.

Please update your billing information. The Invisibles focuses on the survival of its main characters — two young men and two young women in their late teens and early 20s, in the shadow of the Nazi war machine.

After the war, both East and West German courts found stslla guilty of aiding and abetting murder, and she continually remained unrepentant, casting herself as a victim, rejecting her Goldschkag identity unless it served her.

She received a list of Jews in Berlin that the commander wanted her to track down. She stood before a military tribunal and was sentenced to ten years. Broad lessons to be learned from the Polish imbroglio. A short script she wrote earned an honorary mention by golrschlag Micky Albin Fund” in Want to read more? Her name is Stella and she was known as the Blonde Ghost.

Shlomit LaskyJournalist and screenwriter. Inshe committed suicide by jumping out of the window of her flat in Freiburg.

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