I would like help making a macro that will cast pillar of frost, synapse springs and obliterate if killing machine proc is up otherwise just cast obliterate. Transcendencespell and all 3 of my healing spheres. I want that my macro cast Remove curse if I target a friend player or myself and it cast Spellsteal if I target an enemy player. What is that supposed to do? Krypkin June 14, — 4: Thank you very much.

The reason is that i have only one arm and its a bit dificult to me to hit lots of icons. Want it to do Pounce first if ste, if not then Mangle, Rake, and Mangle till 5 combo points and finish it with Rip and start all over again. Hello Boomkins out there, I’m very excited to inform that the balance lazy macro is here! I would like to have a macro that will cast on my focus’ target. But, with the macro I made it only says my macro in say, I haven’t figured out how to change it to say in general chat. I seem to have issues getting the trinket to be used after Elemental Blast. I developed this macro for my druid, solely because i got annoyed with having to hit so many buttons for when certain creatures started to run away while i was in form.

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. What is that supposed to do? I would like a macro that can allow me to spam colossus smash, mortalstrike, overpower, execute, as if i were pressing all the buttons at once.

I finally figured out starssurge problem and came back here and put the answer in. I hope you […].


Because i want to benefit the fingers of frost bonus. I am looking for a macro that will summon out my dire beast, Murder of Crows, and Stampede on one button push sequence. I to be able in battleground to select target,dismount, charge target, use heaviest spell followed by two rounds of lesser instant spells then auto attack.

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When I have a focus set, I […]. You are commenting using your WordPress. Only the damage abilities, not with any of the taunts, starsurgd, “Hand of. It doesn’t seem to be on GCD.

Balance Druid Macros (BFA) – Focus, Mouseover, Modifier

Just release the modifier and hit the macro to refresh the DoT’s and go back spamming with the modifier again! If I press a modifier say alt and a key, I can cast outbreak but if I dont press the modifier key, then it hits Icy Touch and then Plague Strike I got a g15 keyboard as well thank you.

Hi — I’ve started to use Mouse over macro’s for healing but would also like this too include mouse over myself for healing. I want to use 2 1-handers normally during my attacks. Cast Lightning shield and Flametongue Weapon 2.

Also any macro’s that do not specifically have a key modifier [modifier: Starsurge must be used on cooldown as Moonkin and dot clipping should be avoided as much as possble. I always mash ‘5’ ss key while I’m casting. I have a macro made already, but it seems to not work: As a balance druid is it possible to make a macro to cast starsurge if available and starfire if not? I am a level 65 Protection paladin.


I can die happy now. Hope it is […]. Can anyone tell me some good macros srop a level 25 druid Need an auto attack combined with Sinister Strike where it uses Eviscerate if I have combo points.

Work only as aimed shot during the hunters mark debuff and reseting on target change. At one point I had a macro that cast ring of peace on myself with no modifier, and would cast it on stqrsurge specific player when I held shift.

What i am thinking is the macro will only use whatever one of those 2 abilities are off cooldown.

I need a macro that will allow me to do something like this: Could someone please create a macro to use stafsurge Capacitor totem and the Stone Bulwark totem at the same time?

Its not an end all be all for the moonkin rotation, but Its just a nice little thing that allows me to spam my buttons harder. I have been experimenting but can only get partial functionality eg: Hello Eric, sure I can help you with that. Cast Stormlash Fire elemental and Healing Stream totems.

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