It was beautiful, with the crowd providing a soundtrack of “Thank you Charlotte! The only thing to complain about in the end was the gaudy attire of both as Rollins wore his own T-shirt sewn together with a Raw one and Nakamura was dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a SmackDown T-shirt over the top. With so much talent in the ring and so many scenarios in play in terms of run-ins and spinoff storylines, it didn’t seem conceivable that WWE could screw up the finish to this match. Balor also turned on his teammate McIntyre before being pinned by Mysterio. Disharmony among members and constant bickering didn’t stop Raw from ending the match with a three-man advantage following four straight eliminations by Strowman. TNA Genesis comes with yet another salivating fare, which will make fans drool.

Bryan replaced Styles after his upset win and heel turn to capture the WWE championship on Tuesday and this “dream match” proved to be everything it could have been from the standpoint of violence, work rate and storytelling. Murphy countered with a textbook Tope Con Hilo to the floor. With a running start, Jimmy tagged in Jey and instantly dove over the top rope to splash Cesaro on the floor. If his failed cash-in of the Money in the Bank contract ahead of Survivor Series was the low point in Corbin’s build toward a potential main event run, this match was a definitive push in the other direction. Expect that to be solved ahead of WrestleMania. Are you the publisher?

He followed with Murphy’s Law to end a brilliant match. With Lesnar beautifully selling the pain and the crowd at sportebun fever pitch, Brock powered out by violently slamming Styles’ head to the canvas five times. First, former WWE superstar Enzo Amore, who was fired in January amid rape allegations of which he was eventually cleared, attempted to steal the spotlight by emerging from a hoodie in the second row to gain the crowd’s attention.

Instead, we got the all-too-predictable booking of authority figure Triple H once again reaching in to affect the outcome to his choosing. Mustafa Ali via pinfall to retain the title: CBS Sports was with you live throughout Survivor Series, updating this post with results, grades and highlights from the big show.

Sports Live Streaming Entertainment. TNA Impact airs on Spike, is designed as a professional wrestling television program for total non-stop action on wrestling.


Detroit, Michigan is known for cars. Cesaro sacrificed himself by pushing Survior out of the way to eat a double superkick from The Usos.

WWE Money in the Bank is an upcoming professional wrestling event. The New Day then hit a creative spot on Ambrose as Big E sat on Woods’ shoulders and Kofi leaped over both of them from the top rope for a splash before Big E did the same forcing Reigns to break up the pin.

Ali jumpstarted the excitement with a front flip off the top rope onto the floor. Rollins promised Ambrose would have nowhere to hide when that show goes down. For a feud that has been so generic and underwhelming, this title match was par for the course.

Jey then climbed to the top rope and connected with a splash on Sheamus for the pin. There is no reason to worry for cagesiders because, one is still going to get a traditional elimination style match at the Survivor we And all you people in this audience and all you people watching at home, I just shut your mouth, too.

The Miz of Raw via pinfall Raw leads For a one-off, this was great theater and managed to elevate the statuses of both performers heading into WrestleMania season.

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Page 1 2 newer. With so much talent in the ring and so many scenarios in play in terms of run-ins and spinoff storylines, it didn’t seem conceivable that WWE could screw up the finish to this match.

Big E saved Woods from a triple power bomb attempt from The Shield. Styles also seemed to bring out a version of Lesnar in terms of his selling that we don’t always see. Styles then hit a splash in the ring for a near fall and a huge pop from the crowd. June 2nd is all set to put young blood on cortisone; especially those with a high-dose injection of adrenaline.

Cruiserweight Championship — Buddy Murphy c def.

After silently mouthing “you will never beat me,” Charlotte hit a running kick to the face before forcing the tap out via her Figure Eight. The massive match card spanned six total hours with the two-hour kickoff show bleeding into the four-hour event. What a damn match! But Flair and Bliss, the only two sortsbun in WWE history to hold both the Raw and SmackDown titles, went out and performed as if they had been feuding for years.


Snuka would miss her second splash attempt, however, late in the match. Every once in a while the wrestling world plays the role of Mt. The chemistry between the two performers turned out to be strong thanks to a series of big moves and false finishes.

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WWE Extreme Rules comes with its exciting serving of three enticing matches and there will sportsbin too [ Asuka was the sole survivor, rallying from behind against both Tamina Snuka and Natalya to close the match with a pair of Asuka Locks. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of With a top covered in blood and gruesome bruises across her arms and legs, Rousey paused to confront an insulting fan with, “You’re survivoor a man,” while looking despondent.

She countered or powered out of Rousey’s vaunted armbar in ways that were believable and eschewed technique to turn the match into more of an elite brawl that was showered with intensity.

Asuka, who had previously pinned Carmella, instantly swooped to submit Tamina via armbar. It sportsgun hard to point out the show-stopper as there will be 4 credible [ The confusing psychology didn’t play out as smart and instead was overthought. His championship defense was annulled by Vince and the rematch saw Rock upsetting him.

WWE Survivor Series 2018: Results, Grades, and Review

Wwe drama built properly over time and seemed to reach a new level when Xavier Woods dove in to save Kofi Kingston from a pin after he ate consecutive finishers from Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. A final coast-to-coast attempt from a survivkr McMahon was intercepted by Strowman, however, with a stiff clothesline. TNA Genesis comes with yet another salivating fare, which will make fans drool.

The fourth was Strowman, who ended up being one of the two survivors in Raw’s victory after being left with a advantage to end the match.

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