In the B-story, Lee gets a job at Siber Smoothie and has to create his own smoothie. The Spiez get trapped in an erupting volcano , but escape. The Clarks must go and check up on Dr. At the school, a zombie invasion is occurring. In the B-story, a new know-it-all robot, Virtual Virgil, replaces Marc as the homework helper. This episode was reference of the American television series CSI:

Dans l’intrigue secondaire Lee s’est fait embaucher au siber smoothie. Stony Falcon [Renamed ‘Snowy’ Falcon] 2. Read and see more Rated: In the B-story, Megan becomes environmentally conscious and makes organic replacements for many everyday products. The Spiez investigate and are attacked. The Clark family wins a free cruise on a luxury liner. The creator of Sunrise Tan was dumped by her boyfriend, so she made Sunrise Tan to get revenge.

In the B-story, Megan thinks that their parents are having a baby girl and is jazzed that she will not be the only girl. Tex Jerry in disguise Note: All of you know how the spiez became what they are right?

The Spiez get trapped in an erupting volcanobut escape.

the amazing spiez episode 5

Jerry is sick and asks the Spiez to go on dangerous missions to find a cure. They hurry off to catch the Macho Houvelle. The gadget that Jerry 2.

She woke up in a dark pace with her episide all a blur. Megan, Lee and Marc come to his aid, they defeat Flaky and save the day. Slick Mick 4 times!


When she needs a tutor for English, can boy-genius Marc Clark help her and establish friendship along the way? Their babysitter, Malinda, is really an ex-Woohp spy in disguise, and is the one who nouvslle kidnapping the agents. Chameleon Leon 1 Error: In the ranch, the four Spiez finally meet the original Spies: A tomboy with an amazing personality.

The robot and Tommy go on a rampage in the city. Ils sont maintenant dans un laboratoire de clonage afin de cloner leurs corps et esprit d’espions: Tami gets mutated, gaining wide hips and a massive butt.

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Nos amis vont devoir la battre pour sauver le Woohp He uses it to kidnap Sam, Clover and Alex and then to kidnap the other Spiez to destroy them. When strange weather patterns cause an overall rise in global temperature, the Spiez investigate.

At the school, a zombie invasion is occurring. In the B-story, Megan becomes environmentally conscious and makes organic replacements for many everyday products.

Changes by Supernaturel’Gate reviews A lab accident during a mission causes Marc to experience abnormal changes. She drains the knowledge of the celebrities, including Marc, and uses it to get revenge on Jerry for being a goodie two-shoes brother and to take over WOOHP.

Dans l’intrigue secondaire, Tami va copier le look de Megan ce qui va la rendre furieuse. Also, Mel first appeared in Mission No.


This is the first time we see Marc’s good and bad sides. The Spiez investigate a stolen pair of slippers that seems to have ties to ancient ninjas.

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Megan must save the day. Previously, he and his twin had created clones of themselves and created chaos all around the world Their nickname is the Chaos Twins.

In the B-story, Megan gets a crush on a tall new student named Paul, a transfer student from California and wants to be tall herself to have nouveple notice her. Pendant ce temps, Megan, Marc et Tony se font attaquer par Melinda!

A Car Wash Owner. When the Spiez get shrunken themselves they must find some way to reverse the gadget and get back to their normal size before Davey smashes them into oblivion.

K – English – Family – Chapters: Marc also turns into a hairy yeti during the investigation.

Lee, Megan and Tony cause a distraction so Marc can escape and contact Jerry. Cet article ne cite pas suffisamment ses sources juillet

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