If I could yell Tampon dickshit in the classroom I’d be so happy. How did I get myself into this? What are you doing here? What are you doin’ here? This is probably HotForBoys Well all right Eric. He just didn’t understand Tourette’s was a real disease.

Well good luck on Dateline tonight. How does he do that? My cousin one time my cousin and I touched wieners. Full episode in HD available using Hulu Plus – watch now. Drop image files here or click to upload. You are not going to go on national television and spew a bunch of hate speech about Jewish people! Tango, this is Foxtrot.

Well I thnk we can all put this behind us now.

Topic is a specific subject of discussion. All right, hold on just a second here. Whatever enters my brain I can just say without thinking about it. You sure you don’t wanna back out?

Full episode in HD available using Hulu Plus – watch now. Who cares about saying whatever you-? Butters, do you think it’s possible that you can lose the ability to filter what you say?

These kids can’t control their actions. Ach, augh, I just want you to know that I can’t control it.


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And I also just want to say that I’m making this all up! Tourette’s is like a cough or a sneeze. Discuss API ppark Discord.

What is My Phone Number. Excuse me, I need a toilet! I won’t let you do it, Cartman! Hey don’t you wanna buy that toy? All right kids, let’s just try to focus on learning, okay?

What is that, Mommy. It makes me feel insecure about my illness.

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Se we tracked him down to his hoouuse. You guys, don’t datch. I said I’m sorry, you piece of You think people with Tourette’s are faking?! Do you have something to do with this? You must see how this is all somewhat your fault, right?

Cartman’s Tourette’s isn’t real! What are you doing here? You gave us onlien filter because, people don’t wanna hear things like Upon discovering Tourette’s syndrome, Cartman becomes mad with power. I wanted him to meet all of you so he could try to understand Tourette’s. Okay, so what do we get when we multiply a negative number-? Principal Victoria, there’s something you need to know!


I don’t need the toy! When we multiply a negative number by another negative-? And I’m secretly in love with Patty Nelson. Piss out my ass! Discuss API on Discord. You’re starry because I I’m telling you that I’m not doing the show?

This is your house? No matter how you look at it!

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My Tourette’s has gotten worse! What’s your problem, kid?! My cousin one time my cousin and I touched wieners. Do you have any idea how liberating it is to say whatever comes to mind? Well, I think the only thing left now is for your son to apologize to his little classmate. Kyle, apparently you soutj the school assembly yesterday. Piss, coming from my ass!

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