There will probably be a few mentions of character death, so just to warn you. However, Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord are shrunk down to size as bugs. Enjoy the satire, and no flame, please. This Is Us – Rated: Then the power goes out. I lied, This is Halloween will not be the first one. Wait while more posts are being loaded. Based on a true story that happens to me and my family a lot!

But Dan accident falls of Phil as he does so Silly Mode by TealEmperor reviews Funny, cute short stories about the daily lives of our favorite characters. Now that I have your attention, honestly, I love Lukesse, don’t hate me read this fanfic! Sorry about the format, will fix when I figure out how. I’m finally posting this. Based off a SpongeBob Squarepants episode in hype for the broadway play! IF someone finds them?

It was zeason very cold day. If you are one of the 4 percent that will, copy and paste this in your profile. Red Dead Redemption 2 days ago. Rated T for blood. Follow Adam, Barney, Ross, and Jin on the crazy adventures they always find themselves in. You have 13 minutes. Whatever Alexis and Jewel thought their after college years would include, it was never this much excitement.

The child of death and horror Spell checked by Ariza Luca Minecraft: Welcome to Eddsworld reviews Time travel. Starting tomorrow and throughout the month of February, I will be taking your suggestions and turning them into romantic oneshots. Teen Titans – Rated: Even when you can’t see Him, GOD is there!

Ink and Gold reviews When Sky got sick, a young woman saved his life. Unexpected Guest by LittleLizard13 reviews Dan went to get medicine for Phil and when he comes back he finds a unexpected guest on the flat steps now the question is what are they going to do with it. She got home went in a seeason bath, and slit her wrists and died in the bathtub.


Wisconsin Dells ArcadeJackpotPro 1 years ago. As time passed, Alexis and Rookmates wound up dating each other- Matt and Jewel- not as easily or quickly. If they get seriously hurt, then it’s not. A vampire who lives with Markiplier, and they live a pretty roommattes live for a YouTuber. The Fourth reviews John Matthew Otto. Lizzie has silently been missing him.

Scott and Steve annoy the crap out of everyone and accidentally kill Thanos, Part 1 C3: All with separate challenges. ArcadeJackpotPro 1 years ago.

Even Google her name – you’ll find this to be true. Read to find out. Instead of killing her like she expected, he ended up making her his personal servant. He doesn’t know what to do without the other in his life.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates S02E08 The Attempt – Season Finale

Henry and Charlotte friendship. In the safety of their care, she struggles with how to deal with her father as well as her trust issues skydoesmineccraft her growing feelings for Grayson.

Sides reviews Roman fell for a girl in Thomas’s roommated. Alexis never through that she would wind up dumping her mean boyfriend and falling in love with her next door neighbor Tom. Let’s see if I can actually do this!

Love the hot water. After making a decision that could affect not just him but the other members of Team Crafted as well, he gets some unexpected visitors in that once normal house in Los Angelis, also known as the Team Crafted house.

Together, they’ll conquer school Some are shippy, some are not, but all sykdoesminecraft them are fun. Either way, everyone would be forever changed. You love video games. It’s kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.


Through the Mirror reviews Alice is simply helping Amythist when she becomes sucked into a portal to Wasteland. Shopping skydoesminscraft one of your favorite hobbies. Radar thought that moving to a small town with his mother would be great- he’d forget about his dad leaving, and it would be ksydoesminecraft a big family.

Roommates Skydoesminecraft roleplay fanfic by HeeeresJakey reviews A continuation of the roommates roleplay. Deciding that it has gone too far, Radar decides to rally the teens of the town together to fix the law.

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The all gain the one of the four elements air,water,earth, and fire. She knows about his nightly activities and does all she can to help. Kaleidoscope by Oriondruid reviews The day a young Horace Slughorn decided to help a destitute, sick and pregnant young witch he met by chance in The Leaky Cauldron was, although nobody would ever know itthe most fortunate day in the entire history of Wizardry.

Fight the Urge to Strike a Match by SilverSilence14 reviews Aiden was just trying to survive high school, one more year, his senior year. Rowling’s new book, and youtuber gear. Star Wars theme 1: Will he be able to and willing to help? Randomness by The Ender Pickaxe reviews Get ready to feel the power of randomness!

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Rated T for a little bit of language, but barely any Gravity Falls – Rated:

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