Mi Shil is finishing the touches of her watercolour painting of King Jinheung with the tiger. Mi Shil asked that Bo Jong keep surveillance on their movement. Ho Jae informs that the guards are in the midst of searching their quarters from something that is stolen. Kim Seo Hyeon asked what Mi Shil has implied in giving her; their son to her. Queen Maya said it was lost. Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast. Thank you for dropping by. Home About Contact Log In.

Penyelidikan ternyata tidak cuma dilakukan oleh Putri Cheonmyeong, melainkan juga oleh penasehat raja Eulje Shin Goo. Kim Yu Shin believes that Deok Man is victim of another scheme. Joo bang said that it is too good to be true so he will not do it. Eul Jae said that these petitions are to been seen by the King, how are they supposed to be in this condition. Go Do said that this is Deok man as they is a log book. This got Mi Shil slightly deter. Kim Yu Shin gallops his horse. Episode – – Layar Drama Indonesia:

The guards ransack the quarters. Cheon Myeong asked whether the twin was younger. Cheon Ryeol In Do were the 1st to proceed.

Cheon Myeong pleaded with her mother to tell her the truth, she needs to know the truth.

Kim Yu Shin wants to know what Cheon Myeong is trying to implied in her hints. Then her hesitation to do the strip search Joo Bang said how can he been such a fooled not to have recognise this from the beginning. Deok man understand his intention, then turns around to asked when Al Cheon is going to buy her a drink. Inflammation of this membrane is called conjunctivitis, or red eye. Scenes of how the three had met. Sinetron Terdampar mulai 9 Maret pukul Then all religious temple of Gaya in Daeyang Gun are to be destroyed to be built Buddhist temple in its site.

Eul Jae said that it is conform that the dagger was indeed buried. Home About Contact Log In. Eul Jae hears the alarm as confirm that the petition is authentic Deok Man flees from the chase then the cadre lost sight of Deok Man. Mi Shil said they will have to try to persuade Queen Mother Man Ho to in order to consent a marriage between their two families. King Jinpyeong asked why Eul Jae is brings out painful memories. To capture time, treasure every moment in your life and let the time that slowly slips away memorable and worthy to be kept as sweet memories.


Begitu Yushin selesai latihan, ia didatangi Alcheon yang memberitahu soal Deokman yang diduga telah membuat masalah besar. Se Jong asked what Mi Saeng has just implied Mi Shil said they will have to try to persuade Queen Mother Man Ho to in order to consent a marriage between their two families. Abbot Wyol Cheon said that it is fortunate his An Mak is not injure, if treatment continues, the progress is good. Home About Contact Log In.

Kim Yu Shin continues to whack the boulder for his anger management Deok man comes to Mt. Im Jong leaves but Al Cheon stay back to find out what crime did the person commit. So Hwa finding herself lost in the shrine. So Hwa asked what is the matter. Episode 1 – 30 16 Februari – Preman Pensiun mula menemui penonton pada 12 Januari setiap Isnin – Sabtu pukul Sudah tentu Yushin menolak, ia tetap ngotot ingin memerangi Mishil dengan caranya sendiri.

Terima kasih dan kredit diberikan kepada http: Queen Maya gave a story that it was lost. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. Time and tide waits for no man. While Joo Bang asked conformation from Deok Man about her gender.

Deok Man comes in as Cheon Myeong said that they needs to meet discreetly as people will find out. Years later when she returns to the palace, Princess Deokman joins forces with her twin sister to fight Lady Mishil Go Hyun Junga royal concubine who has risen to become the second highest-ranking official and wants episofe seize total power from the King.


Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes

Eul Jae gather the cadre to meet him at Song Gyeong forest. Mi Shil said that if they wish to challenge her authority, they must 1 st get the people to side them. This will only bring him to their camp. Thank you for dropping by. Dengan wajah serius, Jukbang menyebut kalau Yushin sinopsjs tahu semuanya.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 16

The ancient Egyptians were the 1st to invent them by making to them out from softened papyrus. Kim Ying Chu asked for the identity of the perpetrators. Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast. If Kim Seo Hyeon revolts that it will give a seed for Gaya to be founded again. Deok Man walks away. Deok Man ends her message. Al Cheon said that he had personally apprehended Deok man in the act.

The ancient Greeks invented sanitary pads made from lint wrapped around a small piece of wood, recorded in writing by Hippocrates in the fifth century B. Eul Jae apologise for his rashness. Deok Man asked him to put something for her in Daehwajeon as she furnished them with a map of the place. Ssinopsis Jae wants to know where did this petition comes from.

Mishil bergerak cepat, ia berusaha menarik Kim Seohyeon Ju Sung-mo untuk berpihak padanya dengan mengatur pernikahan antara kedua kubu. If they feel that it is so, then Kim Yu Shin would have to abandon them both, Deok Man recalls Mi Shil giving her 2 choice to overcome her fears one is to run away or the other is to rage on.

Kim Yong Chu asked what is the urgency that Cheon Myeong has summons him.

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