That little kiss was so sweet Murdoc states his ex-wife, Amber, has escaped from a Serbian prison and is now trying to get her son back. Despite saying all these, I do agree that the drama shouldn’t have introduced his illness at this point and worse, noble idiocy rearing its ugly head. U give me lesson to learned and ur also been part of my kdrama life history. Retrieved May 4, Later, Woo-jin spends some time cleaning his place. They should really open that convenience store!

I like how KT asks her repeatedly how she found out, and she just says never mind that. And how adorable was Woo Jin and Ho Won together. Isaac Herman Arye Gross , who is studying a mysterious metallic sphere that landed in the desert. Retrieved October 16, I really like how the drama centered on the female character and didn’t give her a lobotomy once she fell in love or sidelined her for the male lead. Yes the final episode was a bit weak but honestly sicarius egads I kept waiting for the show – especially the way they wrote the OTP – to piss me off and it just didn’t. The series premiered on September 23, , on CBS. Mac and Jack return to Mexico with James to try and capture cartel kingpin Luis Gomez, with the ultimate goal of getting Gomez to reveal the location of James’ rogue former partner, Walsh.

Jadwal Tayang di Indonesia: Retrieved December 19, Having taken Bozer and Riley to the Washington state wilderness for a survival training session, Mac is captured by a group of criminals. HSJ and Go Ah sung smiling so broadly at the beach sinopsie tells me every time there is a down, do not forget of life’s silver lining and more positive will come in our lives as long we live it to the fullest doing things that makes us happy.

Radiant Office: Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

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Because of Section Chief Heo and Ho Won, he changed his mind regarding the company and decided to take his dad up on his offer to run it they had this conversation sometime around the first 4 6?

The chase leads them into the sealed site of the Chernobyl disaster. I’m kind of sad I missed it the first time around. Was it just me and sicarius?


He brings her to the Phoenix Foundation, where she says someone within the CIA with the code name of Echo is making fake passports for people. Isaac Herman Arye Grosswho is studying a mysterious metallic sphere that landed in the desert.

Like what happened to that moment in flowers by his house? I kinda like this narrative a lot. Meanwhile, Jack takes Riley’s place providing backup for Billy Colton as he tries to collar a bail jumper, but things don’t go so well. I had a fun ride with Radiant Office and thanks for the recap every week!

However, the team runs into trouble after acquiring Murdoc, learning that his mentor Nicholas Heldman guest star Michael Des BarresMurdoc in the original series is hell-bent on revenge and is searching for him.

Mac and Jack steal an original Franz Marc painting, The Tower of Blue Horsesin order to gain an audience with him, but are conned out of it when dealing with Lemaire’s contact. Elsewhere, Matty assigns Leanna, Riley and Bozer to pilfer the cell phone from a criminal liaison who is in L. Bozer gets help from Phoenix forensics expert Jill in recovering Jack’s things, including Jack’s father’s bosx tags.

At first the team is hesitant to believe sinopsiis, given her past, but upon further investigation, they find truth to sinopsjs claims. Mac makes his peace with Matty, but then tells his father he’s quitting using the same line he gave Matty: Excellent performance by all cast!

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Omg first time ever posting after years of just reading on the sidelines thank you v gamsa to everyone at dramabeans but this show. Suk Kyung is a very nice person, a great boss and very capable to boot. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Because I really loved the show! This drama really did seem to need more episodes, given that they’ve introduced the Hyun takeover so late in the game and Ki Taek’s illness even later.

Makes me want to go into the writers sinopsiw to know. Complicating the mission are rebel forces blocking the roads and criminals who want to steal the valuable contents of the tanker.

I can totally relate with WJ’s resignation in this drama, cowardly though it seems. So he can’t be that patient. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Meanwhile, there’s a robbery at Jack’s apartment. They arrive too late to stop him from sabotaging one jet as a demonstration for his customers — the very jet with Riley, Billy and Palmer on it.


I was so glad to see Kangho smiling and at ease. I think it just got on my first 20 k-drama list Bozer slows his investigation and tries to cover anything that would lead to his friends, even though he suspects Matty already knows who the culprit is.

Lol I actually said “oh no dude don’t do that STOP” when he started “sharing” his beer with the plant!!! That’s why I loved the confession so much, because it was simple and it fitted them to the T. After beginning to torture a drugged Mac, Murdoc leaves the room briefly, allowing him to escape. One of my favorite things was to see how she handles various situations, see her change and to also see things from her perspective.

Retrieved December 3, With Mac having happily taken on a new life helping a village in Nigeriahe is met by his father who tells him Jack is in trouble. After they are captured, Alonzo is found to have been killed via cyanide injection. But when they find Jericho’s safe untouched, they learn that the criminals’ plans are more sinister. Hyun visits his comatose father one last time before leaving the country.

And these days it’s a rare thing for me. I think he gave his little half brother a chance and let him take a shot at a corporate career that he so desired.

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The three musketeers drew me into this sinospis. But she is not a saint, she has her moments of vulnerability and made some wrong decisions.

Now that he’s truly sunk to the bottom and Jina’s still there for him, maybe it’ll get through to him. It’s almost like writing fan fiction. It is something that needs to be talked about but isn’t. I want them to be one of Ki Tae’s strength to overcome his difficult period, to be place where he can lean on.

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