Rescuing her was what he needed to do and he was willing to accept the consequences. I also loved the scene where he turned Do-Ha’s chair so that she doesn’t watch,but she watched anyway. I get you, about feeling knotty inside, LOL! Well, at least I hope that happens. That pure disappointment in his face was probably one of the key moments in the episode that showed how much he really cared for Do Ha. Over the gentleness of his voice. His job isnt that simple, when he leaves for a mission he puts his life in danger and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be back, he wouldn’t want to put Do-ha through that, the constant waits and the fear of losing him! He offered to carry her on his back but the woman refused him politely.

His legs were so longgggg and lean and he looked soooooo coool. Happy to see you here too maryxiah: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Facts of the case: We always see him maintaining his cool and calm facade, but when the danger involves Do-ha, he really lost it. Of course, we could argue that saving Do-ha is jeopardizing his cover, impulsive and is so out of character, but he’s a secret agent trained for this kind of mission.

They are both skilled ghost agents and I was in my toes how SW would overcome him. Keep track slnopsis everything you watch; tell your friends.

Maybe we can feature him in a spin-off called ‘Man x Man x Man’? His eyes were loaded with emotions, and the little actions to protect Do Ha ghy the violence in nics are swoonyyy! Filmed over a year period, Steven Averya DNA exoneree who, while in the midst of exposing corruption in local law enforcement, finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new crime. Aww, are you protecting their secret? That knife battle made me want to see Park Hae-jin wield a sword in a saguek.


Seol-woo and Woon-kwang arrive at the location.

For dramatizeed, I agree for them to part, to recover from the deception, and to figure out where to go from here, whether they’d like to be together despite all. Maybe I am more nicf on this because I am invested in them emotionally. I saw it differently.

It’s crystal clear to me in this episode that Seol-woo indeed likes Do-ha I’m not using the word love because I don’t think he’s in that deep yethe probably didn’t realize it at first because he was busy tracking her down and finding clues, but when he had the time to think about her in the car, he realized all those bad premonition feelings meant he liked her. I know DH will feel hurt, but I want her to know that SW did a lot to keep her safe, and that he hadn’t only been lying to her.

Seung Jae is really despicable. Denice Haraway 5 episodes, Ryan David Ellis I didn’t think SW resigned because of DH, but because the national security nicce at stake. She faced calmly SW during her rescue and through her calmness was able to convinced SW not to kill Seo.

The Innocent Man

P If he’s that ‘special’, he should know how to work around the problem so he can save Do-ha and secure the whatsoever ring and woodcraft.

Happy to see you here too maryxiah: I’m just in awe of the range of blink-and-you’ll-miss expressions that flicker across that stony face of his even when he plays his framatized Guard Kim persona.

Waaah Oppa kicks ass! I love the look in his eyes that showed the determination to save DH no matter what.

Seol-woo tracks down Master Sergeant Choi to find out who purchased the detonator. It must have taken so much courage to try to escape, but she picked the lock and even managed to pickpocket a phone.


It’s a matter of a choice between choosing what he wants, and remaining responsible to his missions. Ugy also agree that he has to leave out of a sense of obligation for the rest of his missions. You could almost see the tears in his eyes when he told Dong hyun to take care of DH.

American exchange student Amanda Knox is convicted and eventually acquitted for the death of another student in Italy. Seung Jae was absolutely evil as he subtly threaten his wife with death in exchange for compliance in his wishes. The clock stops only to start drwmatized again a second later.


The extraordinary story of the “pizza bomber heist” and the FBI’s investigation into a bizarre collection of suspects. Mi-eun wonders why her husband is alone, since she expected to see her son at last. And we have, in no way, seen that he jeopardizes his mission for anyone, he was, in fact, willing to throw off all pride just to stay by Woon-kwang’s side for the first wood carving mission. Can’t wait to see how SW and Do-ha really become a couple!

Agree with everything you said! I like Do ha, not because of her looks, but because of the character growth she is showing.

Series Return and Premiere Dates. We get to know what he’s thinking when it comes to everyone else but not when it’s Do-ha! Also, I couldn’t care less about Mi-eun and her chaebol husband’s relationship.

Gravedigger 2 5 episodes,

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