Da Mo goes to the family holiday home. But she refuses and he reduces her to tears telling her how she is going to ruin Da Mo. But of course, as he reaches up to her hair he falls back on the bed and dies. The traditional ceremony is carried out at the gisaeng house. Han cries just as Sa Ran cried when she watched Ms. But his father is stubborn and refuses. And sure enough there is a catch. Later Ah Mi questions Sa Ran about this.

This means the end of the secret. Ra Ra is fuming. When he comes out he plans to get a paternity test to see if he is related to Sa Ran. Son Ja and Sa Ran have to pull them apart. So his dad meets Ms. Still emotional, Sa Ran leaves the gisaeng house just in case Mr. Even when it comes to telling Sa Ran about her real mother.

New Tales of Gisaeng review: episodes Sa Ran and Da Mo – dramasROK

He has lots of rich friends after all. But Da Mo just carries Sa Ran up to the flat. The traditional ceremony is carried out at the gisaeng house.

Oh sees that Sa Ran has not thought drxma through so she gives her some money and tells her to think about it more.

Da Mo turns up for work only to hear that he has no job. In teraohir she is spending her time dreaming about living in a big house and being able to shop for expensive jewellery!


New Tales of Gisaeng review: episodes 31-40 Sa Ran and Da Mo

Da Mo seems upset about the break up too but as he has convinced his parents that he is not gay, they start trying to find him a wife. Da Mo wants to leap into bed of course but Sa Ran is hesitant. Sa Ran is torn because she wants to go to the funeral but knows Da Mo will be there.

It looks like her step mother has finally won. One seems fine until they discover she is a vegan.

Ra Ra is fuming. Ma asks if he can make their story into a film! Geum continues to try to find the adjumma they gave the baby to by putting an advert in the paper. She is upset about this, but Da Mo is in denial. The friends are having episoxe drink together and someone has let the secret out.

She tells him that she has chose Da Mo even though he has lots of shortcomings and he is immature and selfish! Ah Da-mo Sung Hoon is a cocky second-generation chaebol with his own set of daddy issues.

But he has no idea that his father is meeting all his rich friends and telling them not to help him! She asks him how they will explain his absence at their wedding to his grandchildren.


Da Mo has a split lip and Mr. Ma if he likes! But she is determined to be a gisaeng and says he can raise her hair instead of Mr. He wants to get a strand of her hair so invites her to the house. He would rather die than be without her etc.

New Tales of Gisaeng Promotional poster. Retrieved from ” gisaengg And then they expect her to pack up her stuff and go and live with them!

TNmS Ratings in Korean. Drawing the attention of Buyonggak’s head gisaeng with her dancing talent and classic beauty, Sa-ran enters Korea’s sole traditional gisaeng house, an exclusive establishment that serves only VIP guests. He hardly looks at episove as he eats and asks her questions about her feelings for Da Mo. Oh to get her to kick Da Mo out of the house. Ra Ra gets her dad to give Sa Ran away and Ms.

Again Dad stands weakly by. She is determined to break all ties with him.

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