Speaking of the devil, the scene straightaway cuts to Lady Min talking to Zhao Gao. I know that she was the walking personification of melodrama, but still. He tells them that they can head to the hotel next time since he plans to serve the same food there, but the father is worried about the cost since fancy hotels are notorious for being expensive. We didn’t know who she was at that point either– I guess these were clues that her husband was Sae-woo’s dad. Therefore the Emperor plans to make him believe that he is completely forgiven and then kill him. Li Si immediately tells the Emperor that he will get his people to release the Crown Prince of Yan before leaving. Just a bit out of character for who she turned out to be.

Episodes by LollyPip. I agree with other commentators that the performances of the leads made the show watchable, which seems like a trend for many spring and summer k-dramas acting over writing. Anyway, it’s inconceivable to me that sweet Sae-woo could abandon her baby who has cancer like that. Chu Qiao wakes up just in time to take out the assassins but falls again because of her injury. She admits that discovering he became a gangster broke her heart and wonders if he can find a way to stop being a loan shark. Retrieved November 3, Han Shen tries to calm her saying that he will figure out a way to take him out.

He lets Han Shen take her mat as he finds himself eisode qualified to take care of her anymore. Sorry writer-nim, but you lost that round for having a stinky script due to insufficient preparation. Xuan Nu enchants him and orders him to bring the Little Prince here. It’s a shame this wasn’t the affordable gourmet meal we were promised but more like a rushed lunchtime bowl of noodles while we’re trying to get back to work. Use the HTML below.


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I can’t say that I really like the Dijun mortal storyline either – but you’re right, Xuan Nu is often enough to save the day. He was outgunned and he knew it.

He turns out to be Kang San who has a big idea for Jang. Sae-woo works late in the kitchen after all the other staff have left. SP and SW continued to be cute af until the end, even sinopsls she did piss me off when she got mad at him for caving in to her parents’ demands but they did clear that up rather quickly so all is good.

He asks for GSL to be brought here so that he can report on his investigation in front of everyone. John Murphy credit only Tasya Teles Had she changed it based on those early critics of first lead vs second lead, who got the best chemistry, the OTP was too forced, etc.

Chang Hee under great humiliations and blackmailing from his father marries Jang’s daughter who is in turn in love with San. I plan to rewatch the show one day though.

May Queen Promotional poster for May Queen. I can imagine why Writer-nim slapped a gag order on Buster. Chun er chose to follow yx, without his consent. After five years, Poong plans to open up a small restaurant where he can personalize dishes for all the guests and be able to see them enjoy it. She tells him to leave, but he stubbornly sticks around, making himself comfortable in the spare bed next to her.

Come on, Bai Qian. In particular, Minho was supposed to be the lead but the Doctor ended up with the female lead.

[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 34-37

Yuwen Yue finds out that Yan Xun sneaked out and brings his men along too. Junho did a great job, he brought Poong to life, his charms or lack thereof in the beginning was all part of his character.


I’ve posted a bunch of links on my fan wall, but they are very far down by now. Not long at all, if I’m not miscounting. The commander backs off and leaves. The finale was fine but like the rest of the drama there were missed opportunities and things that didn’t really make sense.

Elisode Sae-woo shows great potential and determination as a chef. It looks like he prepared a place for GSL to live in outside of the palace. Subtlety and nuance are, sadly, lost on viewers expecting overt action and an exciting progression of events.

I won’t say it is the best way to film dramas, but then, they DO have to read sinopxis comments lol. It’ll be a while, but my goal is to have it ready by Let’s Eat 5.

[Recap] Princess Agents Episode – Cnewsdevotee

I think Yuan Song went on to ask CQ if you have no feelings for him, why did you stay by his side and took care of him etc? GM was all over the place.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Consort invites Yuwen Yue to have dinner with her and Chuner. Knew he was a great actor because my sister watched Beautiful Mind but I never really watched in anything other than Successful Story of a Bright Girl.

I think he’s not lead worthy yet, yes he got good acting skill but sometimes it feel bland seeing him compared to JJS.

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